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*Baby essentials*

I’ve never done *Must have* before as I thought it’s pointless in my case. My girl is a very simple baby and she’s not interested in any sort of toys at the moment. All she’s interested is me and her daddy which walking with her all the time. She loves my laugh and daddy’s cuddles non stop. But there is few things I can recommend to you guys as a new mom I can easily say that there is so many things for babies your head can go mad from it. These days for some reason parenting is viewed as a way to make my life easier kinda thing and I don’t blame all those parents buying expensive gadgets to make their life easier.

I’m a hardcore parent and I don’t need expensive things to help myself (I don’t even have a changing station, I change my girls nappy on my sofa-did I mention we got rid off our bed to have more space in our room? Well, we did haha).

But as a first time mom I did fall for few things I am not using at the moment and I will tell about them later.

  1. Water wipes. Wow, I love them. U know when u shop for baby stuff there’s million different types of baby wipes, different brands and different ingredients, but those are pure water with 99.9% with 0.01% of fruit extract. When my girl was born I used boiled water with wool cotton for a month but then I had a dilemma what to use and I found those ones and I’m very pleased.
  2. Bepanthen. The best for nappy rush. I used bepanthen on my tattoos and it’s the best. On Monday my girl had some skin rash around her
  3. Nivea Baby. This is a product I’ve mentioned before my girl was born. I love the scent and it was recommended by my sister!!!
  4. Playmat/ play gym.Although my girl is not interested in toys at the moment I think purchasing a playmat is essential. She loves bright colours on it when we practise tummy time, it comes with a pillow as well so it’s another touch. My one is from Amazon.
  5. BABYBJÖRN Original Baby Carrier. It’s a must if you want to move around not only outdoors but indoors. Personally I hate leaving my girl by herself and she loves going anywhere I go so she can explore! Yesterday I used it for the first time outdoors because the wheels from my pram are on a car boot and my husband took the car, so I took my girl shopping and she over it!!! She was looking around and smiling, my little explorer xxx.
  6. Soft toysand rattles. My girl is having non of those at the moment but she is already trying to grab things and everyday I give her a rattle or her soft bunny toy to hold or just to feel so soon she will sleep with her favourite toy.
  7. Woman Seamless Maternity Nursing Bra, well if you breastfeed this is a must have and I have to say those bras are. Dry comfortable and in good price.
  8. Change mats. Those are my saviours!!!! Without them my bed would be in poop and wee haha. You can buy Pampers change mats which are quite expensive or like me Underpads value for money!!!
  9. BABY NOSE CLEANER NASAL ASPIRATOR CLEARER BULB (Yellow) very easy to use and wash afterwards. My girl is laughing every time I’m using it.

Few things I’ve purchased but either not used it or used it and they rubbish.

  1. ewan the dream sheep® grey. I remember beeing so excited about this one. Plenty of sleep, baby’s loving it and it works miracles, WRONG!!!! My girl hate it!!! As soon as I’ll play it she starts to cry haha so £29.99 waisted. I think I will put it on sale so maybe other momma will have a better use.
  2. Baby Nails – Hands-Free Baby Nail Files I Baby Care Set for Newborns 0 months+ another one I had a big hopes for. Unfortunately it’s very hard to file off those tiny nails and most of the time it’s uneven leaving the corners of the nail longer!!!!!
  3. High-Elastic Women Postpartum Maternity Belly Bands Enhance Porous Mesh Good Permeability Puerpera Abdomen Waist Belt. Never used it. Not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t have to. My stomach went flat quickly after birth and my skin is back to normal now, so another mistake.
  4. Ingenuity Swing and Go Portable Swing – Hugs & Hoots so far…waste of money….my girl doesn’t like it and all she’s enjoying at the moment is car seat when we are on the move-that’s it haha.

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