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*Second immunisation*

Yesterday my girl had her second immunisation injection. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but my previous immunisation experience was horrible and I blame GP, in particular a nurse!!! I’ve never met such a cold and rough nurse in my life!!! She basically didn’t care about my baby’s mood or well beeing. The injections were very rough and I could see very painfull and the way she was handling everything just pissed me off!! So the next appointment I made sure it will

be with a different nurse. When I went yesterday I was scared. I was scared of seeing my girl in pain, crying and beeing confused. I hate it! But I have to say I was positively surprised. I knew the other nurse is mich better, but I didn’t expect her to be so good!!! From now on, she’s the only one that will look after my girl. She’s kind, funny, gentle and carrying. She prepared everything in advance (my girl was asleep and she didn’t want to wake her up for no reason) and when the time came she told me I can breastfeed if I want to. Of course I did and it was the best thing to do, when she have done the injection my girl didn’t even notice! She was eating peacefully and not crying at all. She was talking to her and after injection my girl was laughing like crazy. I had really nice experience and I wish all

the mamas same experience!!!!!


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