Money · parenting

*Money, money, money problems…*

I won’t lie…I am struggling. I can’t understand how a mom with a newborn baby meant to cope on maternity leave?!?!? Before I got pregnant I had a good salary that gave me an easy life with holiday, eating out, constant cinema visits and going out. Now, my salary is gone and all I got is statutory maternity pay which is ridiculous. All I can do is pay my bills and I am left with nothing!!!! On top of it it’s this little cute girl that I love with my whole heart and would give my life for. She doesn’t understand, she didn’t ask to be born…I dreamed of her 3 years and I wouldn’t change it for nothing. As a new mom I can now understand parenting struggles. Not only you worry 24/7 about your baby, you struggle money wise. Not mentioning that after your maternity leave you have to go back to work and leave your baby either with a childcare or your family. In my case-there’s no family, I’m on my own with my husband. My family is in Poland and I wish they live here in uk. Life is hard when you become a parent. All your worries multiply, the biggest are money. Each day I’m thinking how to earn extra money so I can provide for my girl. At the moment she’s not costing a lot (I’m breastfeeding which is free) and her clothes aren’t that expensive. But what about later? At the moment I will return to work and we will see how it goes, but my job is very difficult to work with if it comes to baby. 12h shifts with every second weekend at work (including Friday, Saturday and Sunday). I’m already trying to sell some of my stuff on Shpock which is an online car boot. Also I cut my bills as much as I could: I’ve payed my credit cards in full, cut my mobile phone bill, and all those extra things that was charging me for no reason. And still…it’s not enough!!!!

I’m trying to look up for some extra cash jobs or something I can do at home to support us financially. Any ideas? Would love to hear some….

And my girl have a bad day today…no sleep, moaning all the time and I can’t move anywhere today, I guess it will be a lazy day for us…..


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