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*My body clock*

It’s amazing how my body clock works since I got my baby girl. Before I was even pregnant, I couldn’t fall asleep with the telly on, light, or during the day. I had to wear earplugs every night. The smallest movement or sound could wake me up, and when the ear plugs fall out-I woke up. I could sleep 9h straight and still feel tired.

When I was pregnant I could sleep and sleep and sleep!!! Naps during the day, long night sleep, it was never enought for me. I wasn’t waking up during the night to go toilet (I was once a night from around 30 week) and thanks to my amazing pregnancy pillow I had decent sleep. I was one of those people that loved to sleep!

Now I class myself as a WonderWoman (my favourite DC character, but I’m a Marvel fan-YEAH-I love comic books).

It’s incredible what your body can do, how your brain telling you to wake up, look after your baby, no matter what time. It’s 03:02am right now in London and as you can see I’m writing a post. I feel normal, I’m not half asleep or barely looking through my eyes, I’m properly awake, holding my baby girl after I fed her so she can burp. After I’ll put her down I will easily fall back asleep. And that’s what’s normal to me since she was born. From day one I had no sleep (now is much better, she’s sleepimg everynight).

I can’t complain-i got a banging child!!!! She already can district day from night and I’m so proud of her!!!

Now, even 4h sleep will be enought for me, my brain is telling my body to wake up, get out of bed and care for this little mireacle.


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