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*Postnatal makeup routine*

Long time ago I’ve done my pregnancy makeup routine (Here), and it’s been 12 weeks since I gave birth I thought I will update my makeup routine.

If it comes to my skin…it’s a bit spotty because of Feanolla (progesterone contraception pills) I’m taking and I don’t like it!!!! Apart from spots, I got the darkest, saggy bags under my eyes which makes me look exhausted 😩!!!!!

But…I got a solution for it.

Let start with my skin routine:

Same as usual…

Moisturising cream and facial toner from Boots. Those two are very cheap and good. I’ve already said that I highly recommend them and I’m sticking to it! Score: 5/5

If it comes to makeup remover it’s Garnier SkinActive PuteActive Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s gentle for my skin and removes waterproof makeup. PERFECT! Score: 4/5

Since I’m a mom I got no time for sitting long in front of a mirror to do my makeup, and most of the time I’m multitasking (doing my makeup while breastfeeding with the pillow on my laps) I’m basic and all I use is Benefit the Pore fessional PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores, I got massive pores and this one is a life saver!!!! Score:5/5

If it comes to my eyelashes-as we’ll, Benefit they’re Real mascara, makes my lashes longer. Score: 5/5

Now the best part…my new fav products!!!!

WunderBlend Wunder2 sponge,Wunderbrow and CoverProof foundation. I mean….wow…my brows look amazing but the only thing I have to say is that it’s not staying for as long as the company is telling you. Yes it is waterproof, but from my experience after a night sleep when I wake up in the morning, it’s mostly gone. So my score is 4/5.

Now foundation. Coverproof foundation which covers even my dark and exhausted eye circles!!!! I’m using their sponge which came for free with foundation. It stays for a whole day and even my oily skin is under control for the whole day, no need to reapplying!!!! It comes in 5 shades and I’m using light and it blends with my skin perfectly. It is hard for me to find a good shade because of my skin tone and I’m in love with this product, so my score is 6/5!!!!!

Also there’s two different foundations I’m using but not as often as my Coverproof.

Estée Lauder Double Wear which is one of my favourites. My score is always 5/5.

New one I found out about on YouTube is Dermacol makeup cover. A lot of women praising this product saying it’s cheap and covers all sorts of things, even tattoos. It’s used by film studios. Well…it’s ok, lets not praise it too quick. It covers, but it’s so oily almost like a paint it’s very visible and after a while it looks like a mask. I only use it if I’m in a rush to cover my spots and that’s it. So my score is 2.5/5.


Since i was pregnant I was obsessed about parabens, alcohol and aluminium in most of deodorants out there. Throughout my pregnancy I was using Bionsen Mineral Protective deodorant. My score: 3.5/5. It is free of parabens, aluminium and alcohol, but it won’t help a person which sweats a lot…it is me. I sweat a lot and I had to use it more than twice during the day otherwise people would die standing next to me hahahahah.

As I was shopping yesterday with intention to buy another Bionsen I came across Sanex!!!! I use Sanex 0% shower gel and now they realised Sanex 0% deodorant!!!! Straight away I grabbed one because it’s all i need HARD!!! It’s perfect, smells nice, lasts for ages (when I say for ages I mean I don’t have to use again) and it’s free from parabens, aluminium and alcohol!!! BONUS!!!!! Score: 6/5!!!!

My last but important as well… u think I’m using it for my nipples? WRONG!!!

It’s Lansinol HPA Lanolin nipple cream. But I’m not using it for my nipples because I got no cracked or sore nipples. I’m using it for my lips! Why? My theory is that all companies producing lip balms makings our lips more cracked and dry! They put something inside that makes you use it all the time. All my life I was addicted to lip balms. But since I’m breastfeeding and I had sore nipples at the beginning of breastfeeding I’ve decided to buy lanolin. And because it’s for cracked and dry skin I started to use it on my lips and I have to say…BONUS!!!!

I apply once a day mostly before bed time and since then my lips are soft not dry and cracked. My score: 6/5.


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