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*12 weeks*

My girl turned 12 weeks on Monday! When I look at her pictures I can’t believe how fast she’s growing. Last night when she had her bath my husband recorded her to see how much weight she put and wow!!!! From the first bath till now I can officially call her my little Michelin !!!!!

From really tiny clothes now she can comfortably wear 3-6 months. The only thing I don’t like if it comes to clothes, especially baby grows are feet sizes. I don’t know if it’s my girls massive feet but all her baby grows feet size are too small. What I’ve done is cut them off and stitched it, so it won’t look like she’s from the Flintstones haha.

Baby weight: over a week ago I’ve weighted her and she was 5.5kg so now I think she’s around 5.8kg.

Poop colour: in my previous post I’ve explained about my girls green poop. Well, she still have a green poop and I was trying to call my GP since morning to find out the results, and when I did, they told me to call tomorrow because my doctor didn’t look yet….

How many weeks: 12 weeks!!!

New things that happened: well, my baby is much more aware which is awersome! She loves to be held facing out so she can see everything. As well as this, she hates beeing left alone! Literally I can’t put her down for a minute because she’s starting to moan haha. Love this cow bag so much!!!! Another thing is her trying to sit up?!?! As I put her on a pillow she is trying to push her head forward….

Feeding: still exclusively breastfeed.

Dummy: no chance! I’m trying for her to like a dummy but no chance! I’m playing with her, I put some breastmilk on it and still she is spitting it out. In the other hand I should be happy, I know that dummies are hard for babies and kids to stop sucking so maybe it’s not a bad thing after all….

Mummy’s update: I’m still 51 kg and I’m surprised because I eat like an elephant!!!!! I’m constantly thirsty and hungry, I can eat every hour and amount of money I’m spending on food is ridiculous. Also, I’ve noticed my hair are falling out, I mean..they everywhere!!!! They literally everywhere hahahaha. Another thing…my progesterone contraception. Since I’m taking it my skin gone worse, everyday I’ll have a new spot, especially on my chin and a bit on my forehead.

Breast milk supply: still oversupply. But thanks to new feeding position my girl is not choking anymore, not vomiting, burping even during a feed hahah.

Sleep: this one is a cheeky one. I can easily say that my girl is sleeping during the night. I kinda have a routine with her ( but sometimes it’s hard, especially when you live in a room with the baby where you sleep and spend time ), which is:

  • Bath
  • Night nappy and Nivea baby bottom ointment nappy rash cream (just because I’m changing her nappy less than in a day and ointment cream helps her skin against rush),
  • Dressing her in her baby grow
  • Kiss and cuddles
  • Turning the lights and tv
  • Playing her lullaby songs
  • Feeding
  • Holding her for at least 20-30 min so the food will digest properly (in a mine time she falls asleep)
  • Putting her in her cot

So within an hour of turning the lights off she’s asleep.

Normally she sleeps around 3-5 hours, depend on her last nap( on me haha ) and then she wakes up moaning, so I feed her and check if she done a poo, because she’s half asleep and if she have done only a wee I leave the nappy on. Of course many times I had to change a nappy because she have done a massive poo which woke her up.

I’m feeding her for about 20 min, then another 20 min I’m holding her so shI can burp, if she won’t burp it means she don’t need it and I put her in her cot.

Now…it depends on her night, but sometimes she can sleep another 2 hrs and wake up again, sometimes she’s sleeping only 1,5 and waking up again. But in general it’s on-off. Sometimes she can sleep till 8-9. Of my husband go work, at 5 o’clock I take her and she sleeps with me in my bed. She is very well protected and far away from me so there’s no chance of crushing or hitting her. Anyway when she sleeps with me my as soon as I’m falling asleep my body getting stiff and I’m not moving at all. It’s some sort of a mind and body block that you got when your baby sleeps with you.

My baby is falling asleep on my breast. I know it’s a very bad habit, but it suits her and I don’t really mind. She lover cuddles and she loves feeling safe. I can’t take it away from her. When she will get bigger I will then try to teach her falling asleep by herself but for now, I don’t really mind. She’s a part of me and I feel empty without her.

Vitamins: me and my girl are taking vitamins. Because I’m breastfeeding I have to give her vitamin D. With the formula feed babies you already have vitamin d in a formula so there is no need to give extra, but with breastfed babies you have to for a good bones. I’m taking vitamins as well as omega 3.

Have a lovely week guys.


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