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Green poo ?!?

ALERT! Contain some disturbing pictures of babys poop haha !!!

Two weeks now my baby girls makes green poops. At the beginning I wasn’t concern because I thought it’s because of her immunisation. But one week passed and now second and my concern turned into a panic!!!!

So I started to investigate, as usual…

What I came across with is as usual baffling.

First thing was of course:

If you see bright green and frothy poop in your baby’s diaper, almost like algae, she’s probably getting too much foremilk – the low-calorie milk that comes first in a feeding – and not enough hindmilk, the good higher-fat stuff. It could mean that you’re not feeding her long enough on each breast.

But as my daughters poops are dark green and seedy it’s not the problem.

Next thing I came across:

If you’re breastfeeding, the occasional green poo is nothing to worry about. But if your baby is consistently doing explosive green poos, it may be because he’s feeding too fast. When a fast flow of milk hits his empty tummy, it can create air bubbles, leading to poor digestion.

Try laid-back breastfeeding. This is a relaxing, comfortable position for your baby, and it also helps to stem the flow of your milk if you have a fast, powerful let-down (which I already mentioned in my previous post ).

A tummy bug. When your baby is ill, this can cause a change in poop color that may last for weeks. Keep breastfeeding! It’s the best way to help baby recover.

Sensitivity to a food or drug. When sensitive or allergic baby reacts to a drug you’re taking, something in your diet, or something baby consumes directly, this may turn her poops green or mucusy. You may even see bits of blood in it, which is not considered serious.

I went to my GP yesterday with all evidence I’ve gotten and she was very nice and helpful. She checked her stomach, her breathing and I said she’s having blocked nose at night which sounds like she can’t breathe.

She gave me a container for a poop sample and told me it might be a bacteria. I need to check her temperature regularly and if she’ll have a high temperature I need to come back ASAP. I know she won’t be having one. It’s been two weeks like this and she had no temperature. She’s a very happy baby, smiling, trying to talk and sh only cries when hungry, and she hungry all the tim hahaha. Did I mention that my baby is 5.5kg now?!?!? She’s growing so fast I can’t keep up haha. Apparently breastfed babies are bigger than bottle fed ones, but I don’t know.

So, I took a sample back to my GP and now I’m waiting for results. I really hope everything is ok and my baby girl won’t have to take any antibiotics.


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