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Funny business after giving birth

So….this is a very personal post. It can’t be more personal than that. After I gave birth by c-section I had in mind “putting away” funny business for a while. A while, I mean around 6 weeks until I’ll stop bleeding, my scar will get better and also my stomach to recover a bit. And as those 6 weeks passed me and my husband decided to try.

We’ve been in a hotel (due to our house beeing painted and couldn’t stay with the baby) and our daughter was asleep.

I knew it might be “tight” situation but OMG!!!! I wasn’t expecting that!!!!

I felt like I was plugged sand it was very painful. I told my husband that it was the worst funny business I had in my life!!! Not only uncomfortable but PAINFUL like crazy! The next day I’ve decided to look up online and of course I’ve read that c-section births are more affected by this than natural births. And on top of that it might be painful till 18 month after birth.

I mean: come on!!!!

Not only that, because I’m breastfeeding I’ve got low oestrogen and it can lower amount of natural vaginal secretions.

But me and my husband are taking everything slow and a lot of lubricant haha.

Have a lovely weekend and I hope it’s better weather than here in London.

If you are interested to read more: Sex after c-section.


4 thoughts on “Funny business after giving birth

  1. You are still bleeding? WTF?! I bled heavily for maybe 2 days and then had spotting for about 2 weeks. Since then, almost nothing!! I’ve not tried any bedroom activities yet and don’t even feel like it to be honest but I’ll keep your comments in mind. I also had a little laugh. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

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    1. No darling, I’ve bleed for maybe a week and then just spotting, but funny business was after 6 weeks. I don’t mind, after all it’s with a hint of joke. If u decide for bedroom activities stock up on lube haha

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