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Oversupply: too much breast milk??

How funny. I had no idea that you can have different problems with breastfeeding. I mean, come on, oversupply? I understand lack of breast milk, but something like forceful let-down? I’ve noticed a while ago that my daughter was chocking everytime she feed. Doesn’t matter the position. In my arms, lying down next to me. Sometimes it was so bad she went all red and I was scared to feed her. As usual I asked my GP and midwife and what they said? ITS NORMAL!!!!!!!
Well, for your information-it’s not!!!!
It cause hiccups, gas, vomiting and even green poop and mostly, stress!!!!!!
Amount of articles I’ve read….
Finally I’ve came across one which explained me what is forceful let-down and what is the best position to feed your baby.

Signs of overactive letdown

With a newborn baby, who is still getting the hang of sucking, swallowing and assimilating his food, an overactive letdown can be frustrating to say the least.

Some signs to look out for:

• Baby choking during feeding
• Baby coughing during or after feeding
• Pulling back at breast or tugging at the breast or nipple
• Squealing, squeaking, or gulping excessively while nursing
• Make clicking sound at breast (this can also be a sign of tongue or lip tie)
• Milk dribbling down side of baby’s mouth
• Crying or resisting the breast
• Excessive gas, hiccuping or spitting up

Many moms with overactive letdown can have gassy or even colicky babies, which is upsetting for all. That’s because baby is consuming too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. Foremilk is the thin, watery, and lactose-rich component of breast milk that is great for hydration and quick energy. Hindmilk is the creamy and fat-rich part of breast milk that provides nourishment, satiety, and contentment.

It’s vital that baby gets a balance of both parts of milk to ensure optimal digestion and assimilation (not to mention a happy baby). Babies who receive too much foremilk suffer with excess gas (thinking farting, lots of belching, hiccups, etc.), hunger and even colic. That’s because the foremilk can digest too quickly, without the fat of hindmilk to slow it down, resulting in malabsorption and intestinal distress, not to mention frequent feeding (and sore breasts!) since the milk isn’t as satiating.

Very good position to help with overactive letdown:

called “Biological Nurturing”, a great way to nurse with an overactive letdown is laying down. Let the baby rest on you so you’re facing belly to belly. You can even let the baby root for the breast herself and latch on. Nursing this way works against gravity, therefore slowing the flow of milk into baby’s mouth. It’s also pretty comfortable! Another option is side-lying position, as sometimes excess milk can dribble out of breast and/or side of baby’s mouth easily this way.
(Source: Mama natural)

And this is exactly how I look feeding my daughter.

Have a lovely week guys.


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