First immunisation at 8 weeks

It was the most stressful day in my life! If you think that silly things like a scratch or wind is stressful, you got it wrong! Last Friday my daughter had her first immunisation injections! If you don’t know-like I didn’t, it’s three injections at once plus one in baby’s mouth. Yes, you read correct-three!!!!! As soon as I’ve found out about it my face went pale. I knew it will be a painful and stressful moment for being th of us. Those injections are done in baby’s thighs, two in one and the last one in the other.
I won’t forget my daughters face when she had her first injection. It was a shock and pain at the same time followed by scream and cry!!!! As soon as she started crying-so do I, my tears were dropping from my cheeks like crazy and me praying for it to be over as soon as possible.
After the injections I had to feed my daughter not only because she was hungry, but to comfort her and give her loads of cuddles and kisses. She managed to calm down and I could go back home. On my way back I had to pop in to pharmacy to buy Calpol in case she’ll get a temperature.
After few hours my daughter started to act different, she was really hot and was crying a lot, everytime I took her out of my breast she cried. I’ve checked her temperature and it was 37.5!!!! I gave her Calpol 2.5ml (of course it was a struggle because my daughter was trying to spit it out) and after 15 min she was calm and managed to fall asleep. The whole night was about cuddles and kisses because my daughter didn’t want to sleep by herself and she was sleeping on my chest the whole night. I don’t care if that’s not good and she meant to sleep by herself-she needed me and she needed to feel my love and carrying. Unfortunately I had to give her another dose at 4 o’clock in the morning because she was feeling bad again. Thankfully her temporary fall down to 36.5 and she was acting like old her, smiling and giggling. On Sunday she slept all day and last night she sleeps zero!!!!! I’m tired but at least I’m happy she’s better and all that madness is behind her….for now. Unfortunately that’s not over!!! At 12 weeks she’s having one injection and at 16 weeks-another three injections.
I’ve already told my husband that I don’t care if he’s working or not, he’s coming with me, I’m not doing this by myself. It’s too stressful for me. Not only my baby needs support but me as well.
What kind of injections are they? Have a look:

After those injections all you want to do is to cuddle and kiss your baby for as long as she/he needs it.


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