Not cluster feeding…

One of the most exhausting things I’ve ever experienced. As I thought my daughter might have had some sort of routine- I was wrong. At the beginning I had no idea what’s going on. My thoughts were all over from: is she sick, am I producing enough milk, how can I soothe my fussy daughter. I even had doubts for breastfeeding and was really close to bottle feed!!!!

What is cluster feeding?

Cluster feeding is when babies bunch feeds close together at certain times of the day. Though they may leave a couple of hours between feeds most of the day, there will usually be a few hours of constant or close together feeds. Cluster feeding is most common in the evening, (but in my case-all day) although may differ between babies.


My daughter doesn’t like sleeping flat on her back, every time I’ll put her in her Moses basket she will open her cute eyes and moan. My baby love to moan, but only when she’s hungry which is most of the time hahahah.

Breastfeeding on demand is HARD! I’m still purely breastfeeding (not even pumping) and it is getting to me sometimes ( especially when i slept only 3/24h ) so when a baby goes through a grows spur he/she will definitely cluster feed. 

As I’ve done pregnancy updates, I’ve decided to do my baby daughters:

  • Age: 7 weeks on Monday
  • Weight: 4.4kg ( 9.7 pounds )
  • Feeding: exclusive breastfeeding
  • Sleeping routine: at the moment it’s: one day few 30min naps and night with 3h sleep, following day it’s sleeping all day and night. I can definitely say that my baby is a vampire haha.
  • First: first laughing. Baby’s tend to “smile” when they poop or have gas or need to burp, but my baby girl loves when I massage her cheeks and that’s when she smiled to me for the first time. This is a precious moment I won’t forget.
  • Achievements: I can proudly say that my baby is very smart and progress very quick. Beeing very strong, moving her head, beeing very curious, looking around, making noises as she want to talk, kicking mommy when breastfeed haha.
  • Hair: at the moment they are brown, but when you look in a sun there is a blond complexion. Still long in the back and sides but bold on top of the head, sometimes she looks like an old man hahah.
  • Eye colour: this is the funny one. I know that all babies got blue eyes when they’re born and with time they will change colour. My daughters eyes were dark grey and at the moment they change to blue. My eyes are hazel and my husbands blue. From what I noticed looking at my family, all three of us (I got two sisters) got dark eyes, my mom got dark eyes and my dad green. My sisters kids got dark eyes as well (lighter brown and dark brown) so I think my daughter will have brown eyes as well. It is still 50/50 chance between brown and blue, time will show.
  • Things to do: GP appointment next week (8 weeks) check up on me and my daughter. How my scar after c-section is healing and how my baby is progressing. I have a lot of questions regarding my daughter because there is few things I am concern about (as every parent is) and I just need to make sure everything is ok.

As for me….

Since I’m a mom a lot of things changed. The way I’m dressed, the way I look at things and the way I am. Since I got my daughter I would say….80% of my clothes are useless. Why they useless? Because they are not practical. I can’t wear them for breastfeeding. The only clothes I can wear are the ones with buttons or cleavage and easy to cover with muslin.

Also my number one perfume at the moment is: baby vomit hahahah. Because baby’s tend to vomit and milk is pouring down from babys mouth it goes all over my tops. But as every parent would say- they don’t mind at all because it’s your baby’s sick.

Have a lovely weekend.


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