Breastfeeding, pregnancy weight loss and sleepless nights

I’m sorry it took me so long to post but I’ve decided to spend 100% of my time with my baby girl which is a baby, not a newborn anymore. It’s been almost 5 weeks now and I can’t believe how fast those weeks passed. I already see and feel that my baby Kara is heavier and bigger. 

When she was born her weight was 2950 kg, 6 days later when a midwife weight her, she was 2700kg, but at the two week checkup Kara actually gained weight and was 2970kg which means that my breast milk is good and she’s gaining weight in a healthy way. But time flies too fast. I don’t want my baby to grow so fast, I want her to stay so little forever haha. Now I can say she is a healthy 3.4 kg and I’m over the moon!!

Despite sleepless nights and beeing tired as never before I feel so energetic and motivated. My daughter got a sleep pattern ( falling asleep around 22:30 pm for 3h sleep). But saying that… her mornings are different each day. One day she will sleep and allow me to eat breakfast, another she will stay on my breast all morning and I won’t be able to move haha (even going toilet is hard). 

If it comes to nappy daughter loves to wee and poop on mommy. As soon as I’ll take her dirty nappy off, she shoots poop like a bullet up in the air ( I’m supprised how far ) and it goes everywhere!!! Becase I change her nappy on my bed, you can imagine it goes all over my bed cover and me haha. But I love it 😍 I wouldn’t change a thing. Each day I prays and enjoy as much as I can because I know she will grow so fast!!!

Breastfeeding… it’s HARD, I full breastfeed. I don’t pump out my milk, I don’t give her a dummy or half breast half bottle feed. It’s pure 100% breast and I’m proud of myself. It is hard at times because it’s on demand. For example, on wesnesday me and my husband went shopping centre to buy some leggings for Kara, we went to H&M and as soon as I started to look around-my daughter woke up screaming!! Of course the only time she’s crying is when she’s hungry ( I got a golden child ) and I had to feed her. So I’ve done it surrounded by people in a clothing store, but I’m a pro, covered myself with a muslin and my daughter could eat in peace haha. But that’s how it is, and I’m not scared or feeling on edge to do it in public, because I’m not exposing myself and that is natural thing to do. Since I got my daughter I feel different. More relaxed and not interested about outside world, all I care about at the moment is my husband and my daughter. I don’t care what people will say or if they will judge me. All I matters is my daughter and if she wants to eat, she will. 

When I look at her I can’t believe how blessed I am and how cute she is. 

My weight loss has stopped all of the sudden. As I was 53 kg, still in 53kg. My stomach is still sore and tender and although my scar is healed well, I got a swollen stomach above my scar. This is due to my inside stitches. 

I have to be honest…I hate the way my stomach is at the moment. I have that swollen bit and it’s still uncomfortable to wear jeans (I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans but it’s uncomfortable), and my skin is still numbed. My husband is ensuring me that I look great, I’m slim and my scar will get better, it just takes time to heal but I’m not a patient person and I want things to be done now haha.

Have a lovely weekend guys and see you soon xxx


9 thoughts on “Breastfeeding, pregnancy weight loss and sleepless nights

  1. She is gorgeous and you’re doing so great!! Remember that you do need to have a few extra pounds on in order to breastfeed so don’t get too caught up in the numbers. It took nearly 9 months to put the weight on so you should aim to lose it in about the same time frame. It is difficult with a c-section scar and I think time is the only thing for that. Just remember how much your body has gone through with the pregnancy and then surgery – it’s actually remarkable that you are doing so much already. Stay strong mamma! xx

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      1. I’m mainly ok but the heat here is really tough. My feet have started to swell like yours did and they’re raging hot. Also lots of practice contractions. Ugh. But otherwise all good. About as prepared as I can be at this point I think.


    1. Thank you Hun!!!! Dummy business is a very weird one, she already sucking her fist everytime she got a chance but if I’ll try to put a dummy in her mouth-she spits it out haha. My cow bag xxx


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