Breastfeeding after c-section

Before I gave birth I was really scared about breastfeeding. I thought I won’t be able to just because my hormones were all over the place (not only thyroid but prolactin as well). My aim was to breastfeed and this was the only option for me. Of course I took Aptamil Profutura First Infant milk Starter Pack with me just in case I won’t be able to breastfeed. 

I remember and will remember this moment for the rest of my life-my first feeding straight away after c-section in recovery room. 

I was so happy that I’m holding my baby I wasn’t even thinking how to breastfeed. A midwife showed me how to latch the baby and as soon as she started I felt a little discomfort but it wasn’t for long. After 30 min my baby was asleep. I could eat and have a drink. I was taken care of really well. The amount of support I had from the stuff was amazing and I thank them with all my heart ❤️.

Now it’s 2,5 weeks and I feel like a pro in breastfeeding but the first 1,5 week was scary and worrying. I had a little difficulty with latching and the pain I was feeling became horrible. My nipples gone sore and painful and my baby wanted to be on my breasts all the time (when I mean all the time I mean ALL THE TIME). I thought I’m not producing enought milk and my baby girl is starving (there was a time I almost gave up and wanted to use formula, but I stayed strong and breastfeed). The were nights she wanted to sleep longer than 5h and I had to wake her up to feed and there were nights she was awake all night and all she wanted was my breast. But when Midwifes came to check up on us they put my mind in ease telling me it’s normal and my milk will come in few days time. The first milk that comes up is Colostrum Milk and it’s not even a lot of it. It takes time for your normal milk to come, sometimes it takes few days, sometimes a week. In my case it took a week and I felt my breast gone heavier and fuller and my baby sucking was more intense and longer. Now when she’s finished and pulling herself out of my breast her face is wet from milk haha. 

But this is not what I wanted to talk about…

My biggest struggle and mistake I made during breastfeeding at the beginning was position I was in. Because I had a c-section it’s not easy to breastfeed sitting and holding your baby in your arms. This is called

Cradle hold

Position your baby so his or her head rests in the bend of your elbow of the arm on the side you’ll be breastfeeding, with the hand on that side supporting the rest of the body. Cup your breast with your other hand, placing your thumb above your nipple and areola at the spot where your baby’s nose will touch your breast. Your index finger should be at the spot where your baby’s chin will make contact with the breast. Lightly compress your breast so that the nipple points slightly toward your baby’s nose. Baby’s now ready to latch.(source: Breastfeeding positions). 

It is good and comfortable if you gave birth naturally and not by c-section with massive wound on your belly. It is once in a while but I got really confused with it at the beginning. When the Midwife’s came to visit in my home they never told me about trying to breastfeed lying on the bed. I thought because I had a massive wound it will be really uncomfortable to be on my side, but how wrong I was. 

On day 6 after my c-section another midwife came to weight my baby and take off my stitches. After she done that and talked with me about breastfeeding and my concerns she showed me very easy and comfortable way of lying on a bed and breastfeed without feeling pain.Of course there is different positions you can feel comfortable with but my best one is Laid-back position (biological nursing). Since then this is my main position. Not only it helps at night when you’re half asleep, you can relax and it makes it much easier, it is pain free and your back and arm won’t ache (I guarantee). When you breastfeed with cradle hold your baby’s weight is pressuring on your stomach and you are feeling pain so to all future first time mums which will have a c-section (elective or emergency one) breastfeed lying down! This is the best position for us, and trust me I know!!! 

If any of you have any questions regarding breastfeeding or have any doubts-remember, every woman goes through this and all of us got doubts and fears, but you have to be strong and keep breastfeeding and I promise it will get better!!!

Have a lovely weekend 



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