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C-section and hospital experience 

As I promised, I will post my c-section and hospital experience with more details. It was two weeks ago and it seem so far away already. My baby girl is two weeks old! 

My elective c-section was booked for 5th of June and I had to be there from 7:30am. I knew there was 5 of us for c-section but I didn’t know when was my turn. As I came in, they gave me a bed in recovery room and told me that they will do a scan to check if the baby is still breach. A midwife came, check my bump and said that it looks like she’s still breech, then she have done a scan and surprise….baby moved!!! She was head down. I was in shock, my husband was in shock and midwife was in shock! She called a doctor to confirm and yes, my baby turned in last minute! I got scared!!! I didn’t know what to think, I was prepared mentally for c-section and I couldn’t imagine myself giving birth naturally. The doctor told me that they don’t recommend c-section and it’s better for me to be induced. Me and my husband talked about it and we told a doctor that, if they will induce me today and give me epidural, I don’t mind. She checked me and unfortunately informed me that my cervix shows no signs of dilating and effacing (softening, opening, thinning) and they can’t induce me today, I would have to go home and wait for my water to break. Me and my husband were devastated. My husband started his paternity that day and he couldn’t stop it. We decided to have a c-section. 

From beeing third in a que, I’ve became fifth. Not only last in a que, I couldn’t eat or drink anything (last meal was on Sunday 4th of June and my baby was born at 3:21pm the next day) and there was 3 emergency c-sections before me. My hopes to see my baby that day were getting weaker, even my midwife told me that if there will be more emergency c-sections I might be send home and asked to come back the next day. But, thankfully at around 2pm, she came to me smiling and saying that it’s my turn. I was so excited I wasn’t feeling stressed or scared, I was the happiest person in a room. My husband was scared though, he was scared for me, that I will feel pain, that my anaesthesia and epidural will hurt, that something will go wrong. But I wasn’t thinking about it at all, all I was thinking was my baby girl and how I will see her in less than an hour. 

They told me to sit on a table, they gave me a pillow, stool and told me to put my feet on it. There was so many people in a theatre and 4 or 5 people were doing something with me, putting a drip, checking blood pressure, putting a monitor on my bump to check baby’s heartbeat, talking to me, joking and laughing. It was very relax atmosphere. It was time for epidural and spinal. 

Epidural and spinal blocks are types of anesthesia in which a local anesthetic is injected near the spinal cord and nerve roots. It blocks pain from an entire region of the body, such as the belly, the hips, the legs, or the pelvis. Epidural and spinal anesthesia are used mainly for surgery of the lower belly and the legs. Epidural anesthesia is often used in childbirth. But it can also be used to help control pain after major surgery to the belly or chest.

I had both, the reason for it (and how my doctor explained) was just in case of my spinal wasn’t working, they could add epidural. I didn’t mind. They were going through every step, explaining and telling me what to do. In the exact moment of spinal I couldn’t move, but it wasn’t painful if someone is wondering. First they numb your skin so you won’t feel the injection and after that it’s just a feeling of pressure and funny feeling of pins and needles. As soon as the it was done I was put on my side and catheterwas inserted, it took 2 min maximum. After that I was put on my back and I was asked questions about how I feel and what I feel. The doctor was spraying cold water on my belly and upper body to check how numb I was and when they were satisfied it stared. 

The blind was covering my belly and legs but my husband told me he could see what they were doing and he said it looked sick!! I was opened up and they were pulling the baby out. It wasn’t a gentle pulling!! Thankfully I couldn’t feel anything, all I felt was funny bubbles in my stomach. It’s hard to explain but I can assure it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. It took them 6 min to take my girl out. 

I’ve seen her coming out and then taken to be checked and weight. My husband was able to cut the cord which was very nice and she was put on my chest. I won’t forget this moment for the rest of my life. This little angel, so quite, just looking at me. 

I had to wait quite long for doctors to stitch me up, internally and outside. It took them around 25 min. After everything was finished I was taken back to recovery room where I spend 3 hours. I had to feed my girl straight away, I was given a food and a drink and painkillers. Spinal stopped working and I was able to move my legs, the midwife gave me more epidural because of the pain I was starting to feel and after 3 hours I was taken to the ward. I was near the window. My husband stayed with me the whole night. Didn’t want to go home, get changed or have a shower. 

The first night was the longest and the most stressful in my life. My baby girl fall asleep and was sleeping for long but I couldn’t. Everytime she made a sound or moved I was looking at her and checking if she’s breathing. My husband was sleeping on the bed opposite( it was free) and I didn’t want him to wake up for no reason. I basically stayed awake for the whole 24h. I was so tired but so happy at the same time. The love I got for this girl is incredible. 

Hospital bag. Like I said in my last post, I took so many things and 70% of them didn’t use. Maybe because I was staying just 24h. But I’ll tell you what I used and what I WISH I took with me. 

The most important thing for me was disposable knickers. I mean, I’m using them at the moment (two weeks now) and I think they great. As soon as you had your c-section, you start to bleed and it’s really annoying to use normal knickers when you can use and throw away. Less dirty laundry, less stress.

Blankets. I just took one, for going back home and I wish I took more! At least 3!!! Why? Because at night u need to cover your baby, and in case of emergency (like my little girl poop everywhere) I had no spare. 

Towel. They will ask you to have a shower the next day after they take out catheter, take off the dressing and clean your fresh scar with water. Towel is essential.

Different size of nappies, scratch mitts, hats and vests. I had no idea how much my baby will weight and she is a small baby. Hats I took were too big the same with scratch mitts. And I won’t mention nappies. So make sure you got different sizes.

Drink and snack. Ohhh it saved us. I prepared us really well. We had plenty of water (which u need to drink a lot due to catheter beeing removed and you need to wee at least 3 times in 6h after this otherwise they will put it back on), almonds, i even had a porridge in a pot. Preferably take high in fibre snacks because your bowel movement will slow down and you will suffer with constipation. 

What I wish I didn’t took was my nightwear. I stayed one night and I’ve never used it. First night you are so tired and achy that you are not thinking about changing into your own nightdress. All you think is your baby and bonding with him/her.  

And this is my belly two weeks after c-section

My weight is 54kg at the moment so I only got 4kg to loose and I will be back with weight before pregnancy. I can’t believe how fast my weight dropped without moving a lot. 

Have a lovely week 



One thought on “C-section and hospital experience 

  1. Your belly looks AMAZING!!! So incredible how quickly you have dropped some weight. I really appreciate your detailed description of the c-section too. While it’s more or less what I expected, reading about your positive experience makes me feel more confident. xxx

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