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Call me Deadpool 

Best week of my life, and it’s just a beginning…

On Monday 5th of June at  3:21pm I’ve become a mum. First time I’ve saw my daughter was the best moment in my life! I fall in love with her straight away and I can’t keep staring at her. The amount of love I have for this little human is incredible. It’s been 6 days now since she’s in our life and It feels like she’s been here much longer. 

Why am i calling myself DeadPool? 

It’s not me, it’s my husband. I was discharged from hospital the next day after c-section (not even 24hrs passed), doctors and Midwife’s were really impressed how fast I’m healing. Why DeadPool? Well, he’s a “superhero” that can heal himself. My husband is so proud of me he’s telling me everyday that I’m the strongest and bravest woman he knows. My stitches were already taken off today and I feel even better without them. Of course at the beginning I had to take painkillers to ease the pain, but only for two days. Now, it only hurts when I’m trying to move to quick or when getting up from bed in a funny way. 

The whole C-section experience was increadible although I had to wait 7h for my turn (was 5th in a que and there was 3 emergency sections before me), when the time came I was so happy to see my baby girl, I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. 

Epidural and spinal wasn’t painful at all (I was laughing and smiling) especially when my bum cheeks went numb (haha) and all experience was amazing. All doctors and Midwifes was amazed how happy I was to have a c-section. The truth is…I was. I wanted to see my baby girl as soon as possible and I didn’t bothered with the outcome of it. I didn’t bothered that it will hurt and heal slowly, I didn’t bothered that it WILL be hard for the next 6 weeks. But you know what? It is, especially to adapt with breastfeeding. It takes a lot out of you, but you got that satisfaction in the end. Breastfeeding is hard work, especially for the first few days. You don’t know if you’re doing it right or wrong, different people tell you different advices and you don’t know if your breasts produce enought milk. 

At the beginning my nipples were sore like hell. Very painful, and the way I was breastfeeding wasn’t comfortable enought. Imagine breastfeeding all night in a sitting position when you really tired. Especially after c-section when your stomach is sore and you can feel pain from baby weight. SILLY IDEA! So I swapped for lying position and it saved my back, my nipples and I’m not tired anymore. My baby have a funny pattern at the moment. Eats a lot during the day ( non stop on my breasts ) and sitting down on my bed is not very comfortable ( especially after c-section ). 

First few days I was feeling a lot of sharp pain and pulling. Whenever I was getting up from my bed, trying to sleep on my side or just dress up. I was sore, but as soon as my stitches were taken off-I felt much better as well as taking painkillers for the first few days.

This is my belly 6 days after c-section.  I do sweat a lot during the night (when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!!!!!) 

But I have to say…I’m not tired, my baby girl is giving me 6h sleep (with feed in between) and I can’t complain. She does from time to time cluster feeding (trying to fill herself up and then having a long sleep) but it’s not advisable to let your newborn sleep for longer than 3h. 

There’s so much to tell, starting with hospital and hospital bag. I brought 80% of my stuff not even touched by me ( same with my baby ) but this will be in my next post.

For now I just wanted to introduce my baby girl Kara Cecylia and ensure other first time moms that are waiting for c-section. 

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks like, recovery is longer than natural birth but not as painful and uncomfortable as people say. From my experience-I would do it again without hesitation.

Have a lovely week everyone 



3 thoughts on “Call me Deadpool 

  1. Oh she’s lovely! Kara looks absolutely perfect and actually quite a chubby one (that’s a good thing). Well done to you and thank you for the positive recommendation for a c-section. You are looking pretty fab for 6 days afterwards. I think that belly is not going to hang about for too long with you. So happy for you and delighted you got your beautiful girl. Enjoy it all! xxx

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      1. That’s brilliant actually!! You need a few bonus kg for breast feeding so don’t be in a huge hurry to lose them all. I’m feeling more confident about my recovery after hearing your story. Thanks for sharing it. I have read your latest post but haven’t yet had a chance to reply properly yet. xxx


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