Tick Tock *38 weeks*

I’m ready! I’m ready to welcome my baby girl!!!! I can’t recognise my body anymore, I feel really big, swollen and uncomfortable. Clock is ticking and it’s only 9 days left to my elective c-section. It’s really hot in London and I’m struggling to go to the shops at the moment not even mentioning traveling by train! It must be like a sauna/oven over there!!!!!

My main issue at the moment are my feet!!!! The only comfortable shoes I can wear are my adidas super star and it’s boiling hot in them!!!! My feet feel like they burning and sweating at the same time, and they are swollen and don’t look like my feet anymore, I can’t recognise them!!! 

I was waiting loooooong time for a hot and sunny days, but guess what….it’s too late for me, oh yeah, I’m only 9 days apart from seeing my baby girl and I can’t enjoy the weather because it’s too hot! My mother-in-law gave me a fan to use in our bedroom and it’s my saviour!!!!!


That is what I’m dealing with at the moment…massive feet haha

  • How far: 38 + 1 weeks
  • Baby size: She weighs about 6.8 pounds and is over 19 1/2 inches long (about the length of a leek)
  • Weight: 65 kg!!!!! Please no more!!!!!
  • Cravings: my appetite dropped down and because I’m feeling more tired I eat quick meals and salads I can prepare in no time.
  • Things to do this week: all done! Im prepared well, cleaned a bedroom and kitchen, my hospital bag I ready, all baby cosmetics came and I bought dummies, so now all I will do is relax…
  • Symptoms: this is a horrible one:
  1. My feet!!!! As I mentioned before, OMG!!!!! At home I’m walking barefoot, I feel like my skin is burning and as soon as I’ll put my slippers-my feet sweating like crazy! None of my shoes fit me and all I’m wearing are my husbands slippers, they are loose and big-perfect!
  2. My hands!!!! My hands are achy!!!! Can’t handle it anymore. What I got is Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage that runs from the bottom of your wrist to your lower palm. The median nerve, which controls feeling and movement in part of your hand, passes through this passage. It’s normal to have mild swelling in your hands during pregnancy. This is caused by a build-up of fluid, called oedema, in the tissues. The swelling squeezes the carpal tunnel and puts pressure on the median nerve, causing the tingling and numbness you’re feeling. This is the worst feeling ever especially in the morning when I can’t sleep because of it. 
  3. Snoring!!!! Yes, I’ve noticed that I snore, how come I’ve noticed? I’m waking up by my snoring!!!! This is the best one ever! When I asked my husband he said that I do snore but it’s recent and nothing big. Still it’s waking me up hahahaha.
  • How long: 9 more days and I will see my baby girl!!!!!
  • Looking forward to: relaxing, reading, watching movies and doing nothing hahah


3 thoughts on “Tick Tock *38 weeks*

  1. You are doing great and I hear you on the weather as it’s permanently hot now until October where I am 🔥. Can I just remind you though that your face is not fat. Your feet might be a nightmare but at least you still look pretty. Hang in there lovely and get yourself some iced lollies!! xx

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    1. Thank you darling, apparently I’m nesting now haha, I’ve cleaned bedroom and kitchen like mad person and it’s partly a reason why my feet are swollen and achy, but still 15kg (2 stone 5 pounds) are ridiculous and I’ve never felt lack of control over my body as I feel now, maybe my face is not fat, but the rest is hahahah

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      1. My doctor told me that those who start off pre-pregnancy slim tend to need to put on more “overheads” than those who might have a bit more on their bones. So do not worry!! Your body is just doing what it needs to make a baby and also you need some more fat to breast feed (if that’s your plan). I’m a few weeks behind you and I’m 12.5kg up. I think I’m going to sprint past your 15kg!! Hahaha!


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