*37 weeks* FULL TERM

My baby girl is 37 weeks and considered as a full term baby. 

My baby now weighs close to 3kg (but will be gaining about half a pound a week) and around 50cm long from head to toe.

My baby’s lungs are more than likely capable of adjusting to life outside the womb, and now has a tummy full of meconium, which will form the contents of their very first nappy (green and sticky!).

I am really excited because I know exactly when I will see my baby girl! 

In my previous post I’ve mentioned about breech position and how i got 90% chances to have a c-section. On Friday 19/05/2017 I had an appointment with a doctor in a hospital to confirm baby’s position and “if” she’s still breeched, I had to book a planned (elective) caesarean. So after seeing my doctor it was confirmed that my baby girl is still breech and we booked elective caesarean for 5th of June!!!! Of course few days before I have to attend hospital and see my doctor and anaethetist and do the blood test. And on the day I have to arrive at 7.30am to thee delivery suite for my Caesarean section.

I’ve received information about recovery after Caesarean section and about elective Caesarean and how to prepare. It sounds really scary and complicated but I will talk about it in my next post. 

For now I want to share my 37th week update, and oh boy, some things changed!!!!

  • How far: 37 weeks + 3
  • Weight: 64.6kg !!! This is going out of control haha. I really don’t know where all that weight is coming from, If you look at me from behind you wouldn’t say I’m pregnant, but my bump is huge at the moment so maybe this is the extra weight. 
  • Symptoms: REALLY ACHY HANDS!!! My hands are so achy at night I’m waking up and can’t move them. But the worst thing is my left thumb. For some reason when I sleep on my left side my thumb goes really painful and I can’t bend it and it makes a clicking sound. I don’t know what’s going on but I still got two weeks until my girl is born and I don’t know how to cope.
  • Belly button in or out: definitely out now. My girl is head butting me so much my belly button is a different shape everyday.
  • Maternity leave: starts form today and I have to say, it feels weird. Not only that I’m not working, but I won’t be seeing my husband as much (we work together). So last night before we fall asleep, he told me he will Miss me at work and it won’t be the same without me…. it made me cry 😭.
  • Cravings: no cravings at the moment, but I’m already thinking about what food I will eat first when baby is born hahaha. I got a small list (which is growing each day) of food I couldn’t eat while pregnant. By as well I’m preparing freezer food so I won’t have to think about it later with all those sleepless nights. 
  • Things to do this week: 
  1. buy dummies.  It’s not because I forgot to buy them, I just didn’t want to, but my sister told me they are a saviours and if I won’t buy them, I will regret. The reason for me not willing to buy them is, because I’ve been reading a lot about how hard it is to stop your baby from using dummy when they getting older, so I will buy couple and see. 
  2. Put shelfs on the wall. Lack of space.
  3. Buy freezer food for first few weeks. Like I said, it’s essential to be prepared and not think about food for first few weeks. You can still send your husband to buy things, but I don’t want him to run up and down to the shops when he should spend time with his baby girl.
  4. Wash last baby clothes. I bought few more things for a baby as well as a going home outfit.
  5. Clean a room from top to bottom. 
  6. Sterilize the bottles and breast pump.
  7. Put baby gates. I’ve already done it yesterday. Because we got a dog in a house, we had to put baby gates in a kitchen, main door and in a living room so the dog won’t jump on me or my husband when we’re holding a baby. 
  • Looking forward to: relaxing, sleeping and taking my time until 5th of June. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I will see my daughter in exactly two weeks time ❤️


    5 thoughts on “*37 weeks* FULL TERM

    1. You look PHENOMENAL!! Not long now before your little one makes an appearance and you’ll be able to see your feet again. I’m also in for an “elective” c-section and not massively looking forward to it. You’ll have to show me the ropes. xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you darling, I’m not really bothered with not seeing my feet, I actually love beeing pregnant apart from my achy hands and people looking at me wherever I’ll go haha. What’s the reason for your c-section?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes the staring is really horrible here too! I feel like asking them WTF they are looking at (but hold my tongue). Haha! My CS is because I had previous surgery to remove a big fibroid and the doctor doesn’t want to risk me labouring and potentially rupturing the scar tissue, bleeding to death etc. The way he says it completely freaks me out and as he’s very pro-vag birth even doubly so.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Yes probably better. Also better for you than labouring for 3 days and then they give you a c-section anyway. Skip the labour!!
          No specific date yet but likely w/c 17 July.

          Liked by 1 person

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