What’s in my hospital bag

Only 4 weeks left until my due date and if I’ll have a c-section it’s only three…

So on Sunday morning I’ve decided to finish packing my hospital bag. Unfortunately I still have to buy more comfortable, loose-fitting nightshirts, ones with short sleeves, it will help me to cope with a drip and a warm hospital ward. And nightshirts with buttons down the front will make breastfeeding easier. 

This is a normal, black travel bag which is very spacious and I will be able to pack everything.

On top of my bag are my slider flip flops. Swaddle blanket will be packed separately just because it’s quite big. 

I will start with my cosmetic bags.

First one contains:

  • Dextro Energy sugar which I’ve packed if I will give birth naturally. It will boost my energy during labour.
  • Cussons Carex Hand Gel because I’m OCD if it comes to bacteria and I will use it non stop.
  • Ear plugs which will help me sleep in a hospital 
  • Eye mask 
  • Earphones 
  • iPhone charger
  • Wipes for my glasses
  • Disposable knickers which I’ve packed a lot. If I’ll stay in a hospital for longer than expected I prefer to be prepared.
  • Multi-Mam compresses which I’ve mentioned are very good for sore nipples.

Second cosmetic bag contains my makeup.

  • NYX full coverage concealer and dark circle concealer
  • Primark eyebrow brush
  • Primark foundation brush
  • Benefit powder brush
  • Hairbrush 
  • Lipbalm
  • Maybelline pore eraser
  • Olay Total Effects featherweight moistureiser
  • Estée Lauder perfume in small bottle (probably won’t use it, but just in case)
  • Benefit mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil 
  • BareMinerals Original Foundation and bronzer
  • Toothbrush and will need to pack toothpaste as well

Next one is genius! I’ve bought it in Primark for £1!!!!! And I think it’s brilliant. All I’ve done is fill them up and stick a labels. The best advise is to choose unscented toiletries, as your newborn will love your own, natural smell.

  • Dry shampoo (will probably use it instead of washing my hair) I’ve been reading that you won’t have a shower for 48h after your c-section (don’t know if it’s true)
  • Moisturiser
  • Shower gel
  • Face toner
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner 
  • E45 body lotion in spray
  • Deodorant which I need to buy 

Now starting with my baby girl:

 Aptamil Profutura is in case of me beeing unable to breastfeed. It contains 6 bottles of first infant milk ready to use. I HOPE i won’t be using it. 

Another thing on this picture (but transparent) are two plastic bowls. The reason I bought them is, in a hospital when you need to change your baby’s nappy and clean baby’s bum wih water and cotton balls there’s a lot of opinions about this. I’ve been reading that Midwife’s are so busy that all they bring you is a little container with water and that’s it. I prefer to be prepared with bigger bowls so as soon as I’ll ask them for water, I will provide my own bowl. 

Muslins, you can see only three, but I actually added one more, so there’s two big ones and two small ones.

Baby hooded towel prewashed and ready for a first bath.

Cotton wool balls for my baby’s delicate skin.

Water wipes (just in case if I won’t be able to use a water to clean my baby’s bum) and also if I will need to refresh myself. 

Breast pads, earbuds, cotton wool pads, nappy sacks and maternity pads ( packed more of those at the moment in case I will have to stay for longer)

Baby nappies ( only 9 on this picture, but I’ve actually packed around 20 ).

Starting with baby clothes:

Hats, socks and scratch mitts. 

Sleepsuits, I’ve packed 5 just because I couldn’t decide which ones and because I might stay in a hospital for longer.


Nature Purest baby blanket made from organically grown naturally coloured cotton. This is the nicest and softest blanket I’ve ever touched. My parents send it to me and I’m so happy they did. 

And last few things for me:

Dark towels 

Nursing bras (both from H&M) 

Nightshirt and dress (dress- loose for going back home),  like I said I will buy two more nightshirts.

Socks (long and ankle length)

Pregnancy pillow, my saviour of all times. It will make me comfortable and will help during breastfeeding.

Snacks, as for now I’ve got nothing, but I want to pack dried fruits, nuts and hight in fibre food that will help me with constipation after c-section. 

Few plastic bags, there is no picture of those. Plastic bags ale perfect for dirty clothes to be put in them. So it’s a good idea to pack some.
So this is how my hospital bag look like. I would love to hear other preggys and see their hospital bags, maybe you have a good advise for me and I forgot to pack something important. 

Have a lovely Sunday. 


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