* 36 weeks *

What an awful week!!! Day after day, I’m experiencing new and more annoying symptoms and that’s not all! In my previous post I’ve mentioned that my baby is in a breech position and it looks like she don’t want to move!!! 

All that time when she was pushing out I thought it was a bum but as soon as my  midwife showed me how to recognise a head It all makes sense now.

Because my girl prefer to be upwards it’s causing me pain everytime she’s moving. My bump looks like and alien going to burst from my belly.

I’m preparing myself mentally for a c-section and I realised I need to put more stuff in my hospital bag! Normally when you have a c-section, you stay in a hospital for 3 days, I prepared myself for 1 haha. 

I still can’t believe I’m 36 weeks pregnant! Time flies so fast and I can’t wait to see my baby girl. 

  • How far: 36 weeks and I’m officially 9 months pregnant !!!!!
  • Weight: 63 kg (I’m not putting much now which is good-less to loose)
  • Baby size: She now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long (about the length of a head of romaine lettuce)
  • Cravings: yesterday I made the best stew soup. It took me a while because it was my first time, but I fancied a stew soup. Sweets are my thing now as well, I can eat and eat chocolate, but I’m a good girl and I’m stopping myself from eating all chocolate bar.
  • Belly button in or out: now I can officially say it’s out! Not much, just the top bit but it’s out!
  • Wedding ring on or off: long time off! Unfortunately my hands are swelling so much during the night that I’m waking up in a morning with sausage fingers and really achy hands but it gets better during the day. 
  • Annoying symptoms: like I said this week is the worst. First, my swelling hands and fingers, then my sweating feet, they feel really sweaty and hot (I hate it), next are my bleeding and swollen gums!!! They get so swelled up it feels like my teeth will fall out! Most annoying thing is my private area and when I saw it I was shocked! It is a very delicate subject because, I’ve never had Hemorrhoids and I don’t understand why I got them? To have hemorrhoids you either have a constipation and lack of fibreintale or sit for too long and drink less water which is opposite of what I’m doing. I got no constipation, and I’m very active person so it is a very confusing thing for me. Waking up at night. This one is not because of urge to go to toilet but because of the pain I’m having. It started few days ago and I’m waking at night trying to turn from one side to another and I can’t. The pain I’m feeling is very strange and I know it’s because my little girl is in a funny position, I think because she’s in a breech position, it makes me feel more pain than usual and I can feel her kicking me really low and deep. It comes to me trying to get up and eventually I will go toilet just for sake of it. 
  • How long until maternity leave: this will be my last 5 working days and I can’t wait!!!! I’m looking forward to having a rest, even if it’s just a week before we’ll welcome our girl. 
  • Things to do this week: I will try to bake banana bread and put it in a freezer for emergencies when I will be hungry at night and I will need to feed my baby. I was reading a lot about freezer food preparation before baby arrives and I will post some ideas of mine later. Repack my hospital bag, because I will have a c-section I need more clothes for myself and for a baby to stay in a hospital, but this is another post I will share later. 

Picture of Moses backet I will be using for a month before ill put her in a cot.

Have a lovely weekend guys!!! 


One thought on “* 36 weeks *

  1. You look great!! All bump and boobs which is very cute. It must be uncomfortable with baby’s head up high. I get ninja kicks under my ribs but head butting must be worse. Not long now for you though. Hang in there!!!!

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