* 35 weeks *

I’m fed up with the weather at the moment and I’m waiting for a warm and sunny days before the birth so I can wear my dresses and skirts that I bought. For now its only clouds and 14 degrees. 

I can proudly say that if it comes to baby stuff- all is done, although there’s couple of  things that I might consider doing (like freezer food preparation I’ve been reading about and room changeover) apart from that all is done. 

My 35th week just kicked in and I’m staring to feel it really hard. 

  • How many weeks: 35+2 weeks
  • Weight: 62.5kg
  • Baby size: weighs nearly 2.4kg (5.3lb), about the same as a honeydew melon, and measures around 46.2cm (18.2in) from head (crown) to heel. I still can’t believe that its almost time….those 8 months past so quick and I still remember as today the day I’ve done the test. It was 1st of October 2016 at 5 o’clock in a morning.

  • Mood swings: not really, although I’ve noticed that I’m crying more as I watch movies and I can’t control it haha
  • Belly button in or out: both
  • Symptoms: as I mentioned before my fingers were swollen just a little bit, at the moment is not only my fingers but my whole hands. When I wake up in a morning I feel pain in my hands like I’ve been lifting something heavy and I’m having aches. They don’t seem swollen but they hurt. I asked my GP about it and she said it’s normal at this stage. 

          The other symptom I’ve noticed lately are my feet, they get hot and sweaty. It’s weird actually because all my life I’ve been having cold feet that I couldn’t warm up and no matter how many socks I was wearing, they stayed cold. At the moment they are sweaty, hot and uncomfortable. Even wearing my flip flops is not working. Knowing how it is with cold and hot feet I definitely prefer cold!!

  • New this week: ohhh…my favourite one. As I post before, I was waiting for my parents to send me the pram and the cot. It finally came and It felt like Christmas again! At the beginning me and my husband decided to use Moses basket before we assemble the cot just because I’ve been reading that baby’s feel lost in a big cots and Moses basket is more cosier for them. 

This is my baby’s pram. It’s 3 in 1 made by a Polish company Sojan. I love how it’s made and I love it’s in white. I know what people will say, it’s very easy to get it dirty, but it’s made from leather look a like material and it will be easier to clean. It’s very easy to assemble and looks cute.

Apart from the pram and a cot, my parents spoiled my little girl with a lot of clothes and blankets. Like I said, when I opened the boxes It felt like Christmas. I was so excited as soon as I woke up at 7 o clock I run down to the living room and started to unpack everything.

  • What I purchased:  this week just a couple of things like: manual breast pump Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump that cost me £14.99 in Argos and I know electric one is much better and more efficient but first, it’s more expensive, and second I don’t even know if I will breastfeed. My intention is 100% breastfeeding and my mind is set to do this, but you never know. That’s why I thought there’s no point in buying electric breast pump until I know for sure I will be able to breastfeed.

  • Other thing that I purchased was Go Anywhere blackout blind for £18.00 from eBay. I think this is a very good purchase since our blackout blind is not working properly and the light is going through the walls which will definitely wake up not only me and my husband but our little girl as well, so worth investing in. 

Last but not least my growing bump. It’s amazing knowing that it’s only 4,5 weeks left for me to see my baby girl. She is a very active baby and gives mummy a hard time lately with all the kicks. 

Have a lovely week guys!!!


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