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Shapes of my bump

Hi guys, hope you had a lovely long weekend. It’s Tuesday and I’m sitting at the hospital waiting for my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) and I’ve decided to share with you all my bump shapes. They can be all sort of shapes and I even named them haha. 

This one was one of the first ones that I’ve managed to notice, The hill, just because it’s visible, but not too big, like a small hill. My baby girl was pushing out but not as hard as later in pregnancy and I wasn’t feeling it that much.

Then it’s Apple, my baby girl loves to push her head and bum on both sides of my belly button which makes it so uncomfortable I feel like she’s going to pop out through it. 

Then it’s the biggest one, Mont Everest, as you can see it’s pretty big and looks even bigger in real. The feeling is incredible, I mean it’s so intense and sometimes painfull I can’t move. When my husband saw it first time, he couldn’t believe it. When I’m telling him: ohhh, she’s moving and pushing a lot, he’s like: it can’t be that bad hahahaha, well, honey you are wrong. 

Everytime I’m trying to take a picture of my girl doing all sort of summer salts in my belly, as soon as I’ll turn my camera on-she stops. The same thing happens when my friends and family trying to feel her kicking, as soon as they put their hands on my bump this little girl stops moving. 

I think I’m having a very shy little girl growing in my belly that doesn’t like anyone else to feel her apart from her mummy. 

I would love to see shapes of your bumps and hear how you managing yours. Is it painfull? Are you feeling like you baby is moving constantly and never stops?



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