Week of Rollercoaster 

Hi guys, hope you all have a great week. Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time, but it was a rollercoaster of thing that happened during that time.

This time I will talk about my 34 week update and my NAPPY STATION I’ve managed to create next to my bed. Because our room is full of stuff it’s getting really hard to find a free space for things, but I’m a very organised person and I will always find a space haha. 

As you can see this is a simple storage draws I bought I think from Argos ages ago and it was very useful for medications, cosmetics and other small things. But baby is a priority and I managed to use it as a nappy station next to my bed which will be easier for me to reach. It’s only three draws, but they are very spacious and you can put a lot of things in them. For now all of them are covered with plastic bag to protect from dust and dirt. 

So in the first draw are just the nappies. It will be easy to reach, and easy to refill. There’s two sizes of them, for newborn 1 ( 2-5kg ) and 2 ( 3-6kg ). I still got 5 other packs of 50 on top of my wardrobe.

Another draw contains WaterWipes, baby wipes which are the world’s purest baby wipes. Again I don’t know if I mentioned it before. I won’t use any wipes at as long as I can. I will use water with cotton wool balls but I did bought them just in case. I also packed one pack in my hospital bag because I’ve heard a lot of stories when you are not provided with water to clean you baby’s poop and you are struggling, so just in case….

Baby nappies, wool cotton pads for cleaning baby poop and Multi-Mam nipple treatment for breastfeeding mums. I was reading a lot of good reviews about this product. It helps soothe pain and reduce swelling. The compress creates optimal skin condition, support the natural healing process and stimulates the repair mechanism of tender nipples. The bio-active gel content is based on the patented 2QR-complex that blocks the adhesion of harmful micro-organisms and thus prevents infection. 

All you do is place it on your nipple the side with the gel on, leave the compress until the gel is absorbed, maximum for 1 hour. 

I packed them for my hospital bag. Because I don’t  know how long I will be there and  it’s always the best to prepare for everything. I’m not a big fan of nipple creams and as soon as I will get back home I have a perfect home remedy for sore nipples which I will reveal soon… 

Third and last draw contains more of  mummy stuff:

Maternity towels in two sizes with wigs and without, Breast pads also in different sizes, disposable knickers which I think are perfect solution at the beginning. I don’t want to think about washing them on a constant matter and I think it’s easy, and hassle free,  Baby wipes which I got for free from bounty packs I’ve received before (I mentioned it in my earlier post Bounty pack) and last Nappy bags which are essential haha. 
As I said before, last week was a rollercoaster of things that happened. Starting from my stepson vomiting in a car (second time),

To going GP for an antenatal assessment and finding out in my urine that my glucose is positive and my belly is too big. 


As my doctor said: I’m 34 weeks pregnant and the size of my belly is 38/39!!!!!! I knew it’s big, but I thought it’s normal in your last trimester and because I got only 6 weeks left it didn’t bothered me. She told me as well not to stress, it might be more fluid in my belly and not necessarily baby beeing too big. 

As well as big belly Is my glucose, I got an appointment on Tuesday in my hospital and they will do a  Glucose Screening and Glucose Tolerance Test. 

The glucose screening is simple, especially if you have a sweet tooth. First, you’ll drink a very sweet glucose (aka sugar) drink, which usually tastes like flat orange soda. Then you’ll wait for one hour before having some blood drawn and tested for glucose. Most women chug the stuff with no problem and no side effects; a few, especially those who don’t have a taste for sweet liquids, feel a little queasy afterwards.

If the results of your glucose screening show elevated levels of glucose in your blood, it’s possible that you might not be producing enough insulin to process the extra glucose in your system. Your doctor may then order a glucose tolerance test. For this diagnostic test, you’ll be asked to fast overnight. Your blood will be drawn in the morning, and then you’ll drink a higher-concentration glucose mixture. Your blood will be drawn three more times, at one, two, and three hours later.

If a glucose tolerance test diagnoses gestational diabetes, you’ll probably be referred to a nutritionist and given a special diet. You’ll also need to monitor your glucose levels at home several times a day with a special machine that uses a drop of blood (just one) from your finger to give you an immediate reading. If you’re not able to control the condition with changes to your diet alone, you may require medication, but chances are good you won’t have to go that route. ( source: ) So I am a little bit worried, and I have to say I was eating sugar lately which scared me now so much that I won’t touch anything sugary until my baby is born. 
My belly size-another concern. It’s two options: my baby is too big or there’s too much fluids in my belly. I will have a scan and assessment on Tuesday in a hospital so I will update you guys what’s been going on. 

Now for last, but less stressing is my 

34 week update: 

  • How many weeks: 34
  • Baby size: here is a big mistery, but suppose to be: weigh close to 5lbs and measure up at about 45cm long
  • Belly button in or out: 50/50
  • Baby movements: baby is kicking and pushing out hard, it’s so intense that sometimes it’s painfull 
  • Looking forward to this week: my parents finally send my baby girls pram and cot which will be delivered tomorrow!!!! I’m so excised because that’s the last things I’ve been missing and as soon as they will arrive I will have a total peace of mind. 
  • Weight: 63kg
  • How much I put weight: 13 kg
  • Cravings: I had a sugar craving but now I must be strong and fight it.
  • Any symptoms: apart from feeling heavy and uncomfortable the only thing is my slightly swollen fingers in a morning and my thumbs bit achy. 
  • Maternity leave: 4 weeks to go, but at the moment it might be on hold because of my belly size. It might be earlier than I meant to go. Fingers crossed everything’s ok guys !!!!!

This is my picture from 33 weeks as I’ve never done an update. 

Have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed for my baby girl to be alright. 


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