What is your technique 

One of those things women don’t talk about.  I don’t know why, we all go through this miserable and annoying routine that takes a lot more time than before your bump grow, and still….we don’t talk about it. 

When I saw this picture I had to share it with you, because THIS is the biggest achievement I have to meet up with. I know it’s a very personal matter and not every woman want to share, but I thing it’s one of those things you have to. 

At the beginning of my pregnancy every time I had to shave I was thinking…what am I going to do when I won’t be able to see or reach anymore?!? Time passes and my belly growing bigger and bigger and I’m trying all sorts of techniques that will make my life much easier. 

  1. Can’t see? Do it blindfold style. I was trying just to shave as it goes, from what I’m feeling and directing a blade. After the shower, looking in a mirror and beeing irritated by missing a spot.
  2. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Yes, I’ve tried this as well! But as you all know, when you shower-the while bathroom steamed up and mirror not in use. I’ve even tried my makeup mirror that I could put on my bath and whipe it everytime it got steamed, but you focus more on wiping it off than shaving….
  3. Babe, you know how much I love you…. asking your husband to do something like this is no easy matter! I’m really surprised how much my husband loves me, because when I asked him to try this desperate technique he agreed. It ended up by me beeing sliced up in few places and him beeing panicked. So this one is a no, no.
  4. Nature is the key. At one point I even considered to stop shaving and let the nature do her thing, but I couldn’t stand it after few days. I felt uncomfortable.

So the winner for me is option definitely blindfold style which isn’t that bad, apart from missing places and then asking my husband to navigate me. 

I have to say, it’s a hard work. 


5 thoughts on “What is your technique 

      1. Yes but actually I’ve had laser treatment on my bikini line years ago so it doesn’t need much upkeep in general. I’ve not yet been to anyone for a “tidy up” but probably will later on.


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