It finally happened (32 weeks)

Hi everyone!!! Wish you all Happy Easter 🐣 and wonderful long weekend.

It finally happened! I’m officially feeling pregnancy symptoms I thought I will never experience. But first things first. 

I’m 32 weeks now!!! Hurray!!! Counting down those 8 weeks I got left. So exciting and hard to believe. Time flies so fast, I remember just beeing pregnant and now It’s almost done. My baby girl is giving me some hard times now and I finally feel like I’m pregnant.

There’s few thing that happened during this week which shocked me BIG TIME!!!!!

  • My wedding ring 💍. Few day ago I noticed at night time that my fingers got really funny and swollen. They don’t look like sausages haha but they swollen enought to make me notice, especially with my wedding ring. I’ve decided to take it off. But I can’t really bare not to wear it so I attached it to my necklace so I know it’s still with me. It fells funny not to wear it but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it. If it comes to my feet and ankles-they alright so at the moment no problems.

  • There are days when I’m feeling heavy and much bigger than I am. Like yesterday, for some reason I felt really heavy and uncomfortable. I was out of breath and I was feeling really big. My belly seemed pulling down and my baby girl was pushing so hard it made me jump few times. And first time in my life I wasn’t able to drive. I love driving, both me and my husband drive, but I am the one that does it everyday. My husband prefer me to drive saying I’m a better driver and until now it didn’t bother me at all just because I love driving and I got it in my blood ( my dad owns a garage and I was brought up around cars, and I couldn’t wait to pass my driving test as soon I turned 18 ), but unfortunately yesterday was the first time I wasn’t able to do it. It felt weird beeing a passanger, but it felt good and comfortable. I could move around and look around haha. Explore things I’ve never looked at before and noticed few shops I will visit soon haha.
  • There’s so many thing that bother me at the moment it’s kinda weird haha. Like my moles. I’ve noticed (my husband noticed on my neck) that I’ve got a lot of new moles. They are everywhere. It didn’t bother me before, because it wasn’t that much of them, but at the moment they multiplying like crazy. My husband is telling me it’s because of my sunbathing all them years, but I know that’s not the reason. Last time I sunbathe was last year in July, and since then even on our babymoon in December I couldn’t stand the sun and I was hiding in a shade. So no myster!! You are wrong!! Haha. The only thing that’s in my mind at the moment is to check them all, book an appointment with my GP and let her look at them. It’s always better to be sure that they’re not cancerous.
  • Dark skin pigmentation!!!!! This one is the biggest issue of them all!!!! I got some strange dark patches on my face above my lips. They look like tache and it’s really hard to cover with makeup. It worries me because it’s getting bigger and bigger. 

            As you can see it’s not a funny matter. I really don’t know what to do with it. I read some home remedies for whitening your skin like lemon juice or cucumber, but I’m not sure if this works. If anyone have any ideas or recommend something – please, I will be very happy to try!!!!

  • As for the rest of my symptoms-peace of cake. Still good night sleep, no heartburns, no constipation, I’ve put 11kg so far which is not bad.
  • Baby size: weighs 3 3/4 pounds, 1.7kg (about the size of a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, 42.4cm. And I can tell you that I feel every inch of her haha.
  •  Belly button in or out: both! 
  • My weight: 61kg
  • How far: 32 weeks+2
  • Cravings: not really, but my husband bought me box of chocolates and I couldn’t resist.
  • New this week: apart from me thinking about sewing again baby clothes for my little girl like these organic leggings 

                We bought her Ingeunity Cozy Kingdom Swing for £89 and I think it was a good purchase. It’s light and folds so you can take it with you everywhere. 

Portable Swing in Cozy Kingdom

The Portable Swing in Cozy Kingdom will surround your baby in a plush kingdom of luxurious fabrics and adorable jungle characters. It is designed to fold in a snap to make travel or storage easier. TrueSpeed technology maintains 6 consistent speeds – even as baby gets older. WhisperQuiet technology ensures that baby won’t be disturbed by noise while swinging and listening to 6 melodies.

Have a lovely Eater guys and if someone can provide me with a solution to my dark skin pigmentation I will be grateful.



3 thoughts on “It finally happened (32 weeks)

  1. I don’t know of any solutions of the dark skin patches but do try and wear some SPF every day, especially on your upper lip to try and help it not to get any darker. I think after you have the baby there are various bleaching solutions you could try but it might go away by itself anyway so better to wait and see.

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      1. That’s really good but you might need a stronger SPF than 10 and you could consider applying it a few times during the day just to be sure you’re fully covered.

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