* 31 weeks *

Hi guys, hope you had a lovely weekend! It’s been really hot in London and as everyone I’ve enjoyed the weather. It’s been an amazing week full of sun, good food and awesome company! 

31 weeks pregnant… this is no joke now, and when I say no joke, I mean I can finally say I’m experiencing those pregnancy symptoms I’ve been scared of. 

Yes, this is the problem I’ve got lately. Maybe because all I could wear till now was pair of leggings and my maternity jeans, and it got me bit upset. Every time I’ve looked in my closet I could see my skirts, jeans and dresses just stuck in there waiting for me to put them on, but NO, all I had was tshirts that can fit me! Thankfully beautiful weather came to UK and with determination I’ve decided to go shopping and buy few essentials. I bought a nice dress, simple but stretchy and very comfortable (picture above). Dress from H&M and it cost £12.99 (not from maternity wear). As well couple stretchy skirts (one grey, one black) from Primark for £3.50. Those are essentials in my wardrobe at the moment. You can mix and match with tops and tshirt as much as you like. 

(Can’t even see my baby bump) 

And first time I’ve noticed that people are staring at you non stop. Before, because of the weather, all I wear was leggings and massive jumper with jacket-no wonder no one could notice my belly, but now I’ve finally exposed my bump and I’m so proud of it! Actually it seem like not long now until my baby girl is born and I feel like the best time (which is now) is not enought to enjoy. Despite feeling big and sometimes not in control of my body, it’s the best time I’ve had during my pregnancy.

This week was full of new experiences. 

  • How far: 31+3 days
  • Due date: 09th of June
  • Baby gender: Girl 
  • Size of the baby: about 1.5kg (3.3lb), and is looking more like a newborn as she starts to shed her fine lanugo hair. She measures about 41.1cm (16.2in) from crown to heel
  • Cravings: this is the best part. I’ve got no particular cravings, but all I fancy is eating out and tasting new flavours. This weekend was all about great food.

Penne arrabiata with chicken and garlic bread

California burger ( avocado, bacon, grilled chicken ) and pulled pork nachos

Meat dumplings (freshly made)

Beetroot soup

  • Belly button in or out: still depends if my baby girl is pushing out.
  • New experiences this week:
  1. one of the worst things that happened to me so far was my achy heels. As my work requires constant walking I felt the worst heel pain. As I’ve checked on my Stepz app I’ve done 9.9km at work which is 14.809 steps!!!!!! This is a lot of walking and I will have to slow down and rest more. In the other hand I am glad that I’m active person and so far I’m not complaining about any lower back pain.
  2. Speaking of which, the only back pain I’m having is when I’m sleeping ( at least I’m trying to sleep on my right side and when I do, I’m waking up at night with a sharp pain below my shoulder blades on my right side) and during the day when I’m walking I feel pain in the back of my neck (it might be from my backpack). 
  • Weight: 60.6 kg. So far I’ve put 10kg during my pregnancy, and the only place I can see I’ve put weight on is my belly and boobs. I am very surprised because I’m not a tall person ( 1.65 cm ) and as far I can say I’m very lucky. 
  • Things to do this week: book appointment with my GP for a 31 week antenatal assessment and blood test to check my TSH levels as I am taking thyroid medication since I’m pregnant I need to be on constant observation.
  • Stretch marks: none! As I mentionemany times, I’m using Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks and im highly recommending it. Before I was using Bio-Oil and it made my skin itchy and uncomfortable, but the butter smells fantastic and it absorbs really well.
  • Sleep: very lucky because my baby girl allowing me to sleep through the night and I might wake up once because of the sharp pain I got in my back, but apart from it, no waking up with full bladder or back pain. 
  • Mood swings: not really, I’m not being over sensitive or moody, I’m actually very positive and happy despite the clock ticking towards the labour hahahah it still doesn’t get to me. 

This is the best summary of me. At home all I want to do is beeing as comfortable as possible. I have to admit, the bra business is not a big problem. I’m sleeping in a maternity bra at night and I’m wearing normal bra during the day. I can see from them that my breasts got massive and after a long day as soon as I’ll change to more comfortable one I feel relief. Same thing with my bump, as soon as I can let myself loose at home I’m walking just in a shorts and bra haha.

Haha, this one makes me laugh. I was a massive coffee addict before I was pregnant and not drinking any and feeling really tired made me nervous, but that’s another thing I’m grateful about. I’m not feeling tired or sleepy and all I’m drinking is one decaf coffee a day (just for the taste). I know it might change when my baby girl will wake me up at night, but for now I’m happy how it is. 

Have a lovely week guys! 



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