* 30 weeks *

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!!

Mine wasn’t that good, as a matter of fact, a whole week was crap. I can honestly say that It was the worst in my whole pregnancy. Taking antibiotics, being really weak and not eating properly made me really worried about my baby girl. But she’s all fine and to my surprise a lot of new things started during this week. 

Looking at this picture with my scans make me cry! Thinking that from the first picture when my little girl was just 10 weeks till the last one in 4D. It all makes you wonder about the whole process of pregnancy, how a little human being grows inside you, thinks on its own, move whenever she wants. It’s a miracle, not only for me ( as you all know I was trying for 3 years ), but for every woman and her partner. 

I’ve decided I will tell you all what I’m wearing as well, since I got only 10 weeks left, and the only thing I can fit at the moment are my maternity leggings, few dresses and my maternity jeans, and because the weather is getting better and better every day, I can actually start wearing my dresses and jackets and all sort of things that still fit me haha. 

  • Tshirt: Yeezus (from eBay) £6.50 
  • Leggings: H&M Maternity wear I think they were around £10.00
  • Slides: Primark £4.50

This is what I wear in a house today, feeling comfortable and light. Normally I’m wearing sweatpants at home, but today I felt like leggings ( I will probably change later haha ).

Back to my 30 week update. 

  • Size of baby girl: about 15.7 inches (39.9cm) long now and weighs almost 3 pounds(1.3kg), about the size of a large cabbage
  • Due date: 9th of June 2017
  • Weight: 60 kg!!!! This was a little shock to me, I’ve put 10kg already and it looks like it will be much more. I still got 10 weeks. 
  • Cravings: none, at the moment I was struggling with eating at all, so no cravings for me
  • Belly button in or out: still in, but as my baby girl pushing hard it goes out sometimes
  • New things this week: 
  1. like I said, this week was full of new things. First let me say that my baby girl started to push so hard It feels like she going to go through my skin!!!! 
  2. Especially at night time she got a tendency to dig into my ribs a lot. I’m waking up at night with a stabbing pain and as soon as I’ll turn around on the other side, she’s moving as well! It’s a funny feeling, but I can say that she doesn’t like me sleeping on my right side lately!!!
  • Stretch marks: thankfully none
  • Hospital bag: I know, I know, when I said to my friend that I’ve already prepared my hospital bag she said: So soon? I’ve done mine month before my due date. But I’m very organised person and it will give me peace of mind and at least one thing to worrie less.
  • Looking forward to: this week I’ve washed my baby girls clothes and blankets. It was so exciting and cute !! 

  • Movements: moving a lot

Because I’ve been eating poorly last week I need to charge myself with vitamins and goodies. 
Weetabix organic with banana for breakfast

Chicken soup for lunch ( Polish version )

And a healthy classic salad with tuna and avocado extra virgin oil.


As my appetite coming back all I want to eat is healthy! 
Have a lovely weekend guys and if you have any ideas for a healthy food during pregnancy I’m really happy to hear about them. 



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