Pregnancy · Pregnancy update

* 29 weeks *

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great and sunny weekend. It’s really nice and sunny in London today, but unfortunately I can’t enjoy it. I’m not feeling well the last few days and I’m forced to stay at home. Thankfully my husband is the best and makes me feel special without moaning haha. 

As 29 week kicked in I must say I feel different. My weight stayed the same, my belly seems the same size as well. The only thing I noticed are the kicks. Before I mentioned that I can’t get used to those kicks and feeling in my belly, feeling of an alien inside me, but as soon as I started to feel more comfortable with them, now I can say my little girl stretching her arms and legs, and I can feel it clearly. I can even see it in on my belly, funny shapes pushing out on each side. Somethimes it’s so painfull I have to stop or sit down. I’m only 29 weeks, still 11 weeks to go, and I already feel strong kicks. My placenta (like I said in one of my posts) is in posterior position which means is in a back. That is a main reason why I can feel my little girls kicks more than other women. I’m feeling blessed and happy of every kick and movement I can feel, but it is hard to adjust haha. 

  • Cravings: none
  • Weight: 58,8 kg
  • How many weeks: 29 weeks + 1 day
  • What do I miss: my trousers, skirts and dresses 
  • Sleep: unfortunately this one is getting worse just because my little girl is very active and she’s waking mummy up 
  • Best moment: feeling and seeing  very strong movements
  • Belly button in or out: ha, with this one is a funny thing, once it’s in, in a minute it’s out because my girl is pushing it out. 
  • My mood: surprisingly I’m very happy and calm. Even my husband is telling me I’m not emotional haha which is good
  • What I’m looking forward to: I can’t wait for my parents to send me a Pram and a cot they bought for us. They are spoiling little granddaughter already ❤
  • Stretch marks: none

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!



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