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*My make up routine*

Make up – this is the one I’ve never been good at. Since I was a teenager, my make up skills were very poor, and all I knew how to apply was a foundation haha 😂. I am one of these women that prefer natural look and ” heavy make up” doesn’t suit me at all. 

Since I’m pregnant my make up routine gone smaller as well. I stopped using my acne cosmetics and swapped them with normal toner and moisturiser. Even applying my foundation takes me 1 min. 

I can’t complain, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and tips how to take care of your skin during pregnancy, how it can become really dry and flakey, and even how to fight dark spots. None of those apply to me and I’m really grateful that at last my skin is OK. To be perfectly honest, before I became pregnant my skin wasn’t all that. I had problems with acne, and my skin is really oily, so oily even setting powder won’t help! But I hope after we will welcome our little girl into the world my skin will remain how it is now ( really big hopes ) haha.

Starting up with skin toners and moisturisers, you will be really surprised, but it’s the cheapest product you can get. And it’s doing a job perfectly. 

Boots essentials facial toner and moisturising cream for all skin types. Both came to £3.50. And I have to say, nothing wrong with them. Very basic, fragrance free and in my opinion, effective. Like I said, my skin is very oily and the moisturiser doesn’t make my skin feel heavy or blocked. 

This is the one that I’m using from time to time. The only one I use every time is PRO.conceal L.A.Girl HD.high-definition concealer for my dark circles which is fantastic and you can buy it online or in store The Perfume Shop as far as I remember it for £3.50. 

The other two are NYX Dark Circle concealer and Above &a Beyond Full Coverage Concealer which I use to mask all my imperfections like spots or dark patches, but like I said those two I’m not using at the moment because my skin doesn’t require full coverage. 

The best part…foundation. Because of my oily and acne prom skin I know a little bit about foundations. I tried them all. But nothing works better for me than those three miracles. Again I have to explain that at the moment I’m using only one which is perfect if it comes to coverage and lasting. 

Everyone knows them all very well, but I will explain anyway.

Estée Lauder Double Wear stay-in-place Makeup SPF10 Ivory Beige. It comes quite pricey £31.00 but it last for long. What I love about this foundation is, that it stays for all day, no need to retouch, feels light and it doesn’t block my pores. The only thing I don’t like about the bottle is that there’s no pump. But all I do is using a earbuds to apply my foundation. Not only you are using a desired amount, but it prevents from leaking all around the top. First time I had a contact with it I was bit scared, because my acne and oily skin could get worse, but it didn’t. My skin looks flawless and soft. But at the moment I’m not using it.

Clinique stay-matte oil-free makeup Ivory £23.00. Another fantastic foundation, your skin stay matte for most of the day ( I need to use setting powder with this one) and coverage is medium. Also I need help using my NYX full coverage concealer which covers my acne. This one is not in use at the moment.

This is my absolute winner at the moment. bareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation. Medium £26.50. I mean OMG!!!! It’s a powder foundation and I love it!!!!! Coverage 10/10, stays in place 10/10, lasts for very long and you don’t need to use a lot of the product. All you need is a good brush that you can buy from bareMinerals or somewhere else if you prefer cheaper. I’m in love with this foundation and I can’t say anything bad about it. My skin stays soft and I feel like I’m not having any make up on. Really highly recommend.

If it comes to brushes, like you see I’m using bareMinerals brush for my foundation and the other two (from primark PS….PRO, bigger one £2.00, smaller £1.00) for my concealer.

Blushes, bronzers and highlighters. Those are the one that I’m using in small amounts.

Benefit thrrrob blusher which I’m using occasionally.

Benefit HOOLA bronzing powder which I’m using everyday 

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter which I bought in a Superdrug for £3.00 which I’m using occasionally for a date night with my husband. It’s really cute and for that price-you can’t go wrong.

Eyelashes. Again I’m using mascara occasionally (not at work), but it can only be Benefit they’re Real Beyond mascara it comes pricey, around £20 but it’s the best I’ve ever used. My eyelashes look thicker, longer and curly.

The last one, but very important, and I think  your eyebrows are the centre of your face. 

If I’m going to work I’m using Rommel London Proffesional eyebrow pencil which is perfect, quick and applying very easy. Some pencils are hard to apply but this one is very easy.

But my ultimate winner is WUNDERBROW brow gel Blonde £19.99. This product is amazing. Stays for long(days), easy to apply with a brow brush and makes your eyebrows look thicker. The eyebrow brush I’m using is from Primark PS…Angled brow brush for £1.00.

So that’s how my make up routine looks at the moment. I’m sure it will change as soon as I give birth, but at the moment it’s very simple and quick.

Have a lovely week.



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