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*27 weeks* and 4D scan

27th weekend kicked in on friday and this week a lot have happened. We had our 4D scan which showed us our girls face!!!! The whole experience was amazing and I would definitely do it again! 

As everyone knows 4D scans can be very expensive and the one we went for was £139. But thanks to Groupon we only payed £79 which is amazing!!!!!!!

Place was the same as when we went for our 17 week scan to find out the gender. Its Window to the womb in Ealing. Very professional and the staff is very nice! 

So as soon as we saw the offer on Groupon we couldn’t say no! 

It was 4D Scan – Very Important Baby (V.I.B) package which include 10min appointment with video, 6x small prints, 2x large prints and 2x keyrings. 
This is just a short video of our girl smiling to us. 

Back to *27 week* update:

  • Weight: so far 58.4 kg (at the beginning of pregnancy my weight was 50kg so I did put a lot, but most of it went in my bump)

  • Baby size: baby weighs almost 2 pounds (about the size of a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended. She’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers 

  • Cravings: so far the only thing I’m craving is chocolate, but I am a strong woman haha, but because there was a International Woman Day and my husband decided to buy me a box of chocolates….You can imagine what I’m going through.

  • Sleeping: thanks to my pregnancy pillow Dreamgenii I sleep all night, pillow is perfectly shaped and give you support for your back and bump. I love my pillow. (

  • Stretch marks: as I mentioned in my last post I’ve got no issue with them thanks to Boo-oil and Palmers Tummy Butter – they work miracles!!! But it’s a genetic thing so if your mum had ones, you will probably as well.

  • Clothes: this is the topic I wanted to talk about. Before pregnancy my size was 6, the only thing I purchased so far is maternity jeans and two pairs of maternity leggings, So far I’m not struggling (the only thing I can’t wear from my wardrobe are my jeans) and all my tshirts, shirts and jumpers fit (so far). I don’t have an urge to go shopping and buy new clothes because: 

  1. It’s only less than 3 month left,
  2. It’s too expensive(maternity wear is very expensive)
  3. I’m saving. This part is the most important. As soon as I’ll start my maternity, my wages will stop and all I’ll receive is £500 a month. How u can live on that?!? So I’m pretty tight with everything at the moment.

  • What do I miss: fried eggs, coffee, tea with Baileys, stuffed peppers with cheese, cheese(I’m all sorts of cheese lover), barbeque(only because winter time). 

  • Baby movement: my little girl is very active, it’s still hard for me to figure out her pattern, when I think I know, the next day it’s different, so for now she’s all over the place.

  • Baby stuff: this is the one I have to thank my family. As everyone knows baby stuff are very expensive. My parents are amazing and they want to help me as much as they can. They bought me a folding cot (because our room is not big), and amazing 3 in 1 pushchair. I’m so grateful for them. As well as my sister willing to send me her little girls clothes I can say the support I got from my family is unbelievable ❤

  • This month: looking forward to midwife appointment, buying essentials for the baby, preparing my hospital bag (almost done ✅), relaxing, spending time with my husband, enjoying pregnancy.               



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