Stretch marks

Yes! Fear of stretch marks came to me as soon as I found out that I’m pregnant. Some women talk about it, some don’t. More than a half of us at some point during pregnancy get some on a belly, upper thighs and breasts. If your mum had stretch marks during pregnancy-you will definitely have some as well. 

Thankfully I can’t complain. I don’t know if that’s due to my early use of oils and butters but so far I got no stretch marks on my belly or breasts. I do have some on my upper thighs but those are old (way before I was pregnant).

So as I said, my early routine began as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Firstly I started with oil, which is very known around the world Bio-Oil 

If you use it regularly it can prevent scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. I was using it from beginning till 20th week all over my body, minimum twice a day. But the only thing I dont like how messy this can be. Not only the whole bottle is greasy but everything around it! 

But then I came across Palmers Tummy Butter for stretch marks 

I love the smell, the butter itself is very hard, you have to dig into it but as soon as  you put it on your skin it gives that nice and smooth feeling. It absorbs very quickly and your skin stays hydrated for a while. Again, I am a little bit sceptical about any sort of cosmetics for stretch marks and if they say use it twice a day-I’ll use it 3 or 4. This Butter can be used as many times as you want. I got a big jar and a mini one I keep in my bag so I can use it at work. 

Now, sometimes I’m using just one product, but sometimes I’m using both of them. My another nightmare I’m trying to prevent is cellulite. When I get into a shower I use my sponge and rub my thighs, upper thighs and bum in circular motions starting from the lower parts of my body and going up to my bum. That helps you skin to fight cellulite. You can do a dry brushing in which you need a brush and gently brush your dry skin. For me it takes too long and I prefer to do it in a shower wet version.

So back to my methods. Sometimes I use two products at the time. Butter for my bump and upper thighs, and oil for my bum and legs. But most of the time at the moment I use only the Butter. So fingers crossed I won’t end up with stretch marks by the time my little girl arrives.


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