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Pregnancy books and parent guides  📚 

There’s so many pregnancy books….it’s hard to choose from. 

To be honest I got no interest in buying one. The only reason behind it is that I got my phone and whenever I need some information-I look for it. You might think: “I wouldn’t trust google or any other information from websites”. And you are probably right. There’s different advices everywhere and who you should trust?!? But even those pregnancy books give you different opinions. If you know the basic rules and what you can or can’t do during pregnancy, I think the rest will come along. Even my GP use to tell me something different. It’s ridiculous!!!!!!

So if it comes to pregnancy books….NO!

But I did purchase a book which in my opinion is very good and practical! 

First time parent by Lucy Atkins.

Oh my!!!! This book!!!! Short and stick to the point. I mean, everything is included, not trying to promote some silly ideas or trying to tell you to buy thing you won’t even use. This woman is a genius!!!! 

It’s honest and easy to look into at the time of need. All chapters are easy to follow, and even when reading,  you might think….”OMG, all those things going to happen to me?!!!?” It doesn’t make you feel panicky because you can prepare yourself. It give you a very good start into what’s in front of you when your little one is already with you. 

My rating is 5/5 definitely!!! Price £12.99

Bump to birthday pregnancy and first year journal.

At the beginning I thought it might be a very good idea to put every small detail of my pregnancy. The journal look really nice and colourful but I like simple and easy things. This journal is opposite of that! I mean it’s cute to give it to your child when it’s big enought as a memory of what you’ve been into, and even the first year of its life, but it is too much! For every week of your pregnancy there’s two big pages to put details like: a bit about me and what we have been up to… don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind filling it out, but for every week?!?!? And it’s from week 9 till 40+ it’s too much writing, way too much!!!!! Sometimes you got no mind to remember to fill it out and by the time I got time to do it, I can’t remember what I’ve been up to. 

My rating is 2/5.

If any of you got a better first year journal I would love to hear.


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