Preparing for the new arrival can be tricky. I mean, I’m 23 weeks pregnant, I still got plenty time to prepare. But to my surprise I found out about bounty pack from my midwife that you can collect from your hospital. As soon as I came back home I started to look online about bounty packs and freebies business. And until now I’ve collected 5 free packs full of Baby goods. 

Let’s start with hospital bounty pack.

All you have to do is fill out a small form with your details and a pack is yours. I have to say there’s not much to look forward to inside the pack. There’s a magazine bounty buying guide which basically telling you the best products around, from nursery furniture to the latest car seats, but I think you can handle all off this without expensive gear they showing. The other things are samples and leaflets. So in general not something I was pleasantly surprised with.

The biggest surprise I had was a bounty pack from Tesco. 

How I got it? All you have to do is download an app called Bounty pregnancy which is free, register your details, due date and then go to free stuff. 

As you can see I already collected my Mum-To-Be Pack and Gift box. Mom-to-be pack was from Tesco and Gift box was from Boots. 

Going back to Mum-to-be pack…wow!!! I mean wow!!! I was so surprised by the samples and products they put in nappies from theirs Tesco loves babies brand, pregnantcare original vitamins, sudocream, baby bath essentials, stretch mark creams and many more. This pack is very nice and I really recommend to pick it up. 

Gift box was from Boots and when I saw it I thought it’s really small, but it’s a really nice gesture for pregnant mums. It contains Boots essentials moisturising cream, cucumber 3 minute mask and some Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter in a small jar and I am enjoying it till now. 

Emma’s diary gift packs

All you have to do is go to their website:, register and print your vouchers with your details and barcodes and go to Argos or Boots. Again, those ones are not generous as I thought. More leaflets and samples than baby products, but collecting those samples might be a rescue for you at the time when something will run out. 

I read a lot of opinions about those free packs, and a lot of pregnant women don’t collect them but I love it. Every help is great even the small one.

As I already mentioned pregnancy diet, I will post from time to time pictures of my diet. This morning I had: bread with Philadelphia, hummus and salad with tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and black olives. 


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