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* 20+4 week * anomaly scan

As I mentioned in my last post I had my 20 week anomaly scan. It take place from 20 to 21 weeks. Mine was 20+4.

I knew my sonographer already because she even done my 12 week scan and I was really pleased with her. Very positive, happy, u can tell she love her job. 

Coming back to my scan, everything was perfect. 

Head normal skull shape

Brain hemispheres, ventricles mid-brain and posterior fossa appear normal

Face no facial cleft and eyes, nose and mandible appear normal

Spine no spinal bifida or kyphoscoliosis

Neck/skin no skin oedema or cystic hygroma

Thorax thorax and lungs appear normal

Heart normal 4-chamber view

Abdominal wall no defect

GIT stomach and GIT appear normal

Urinary tract kidneys and bladder normal

Extremities hands, feet, arms, legs and joints appear normal

My placenta is Posterior-high

And as I said before, we asked(just to double check gender) and as we knew its a girl. 

As this was our last scan from NHS we thought from now on till I give birth is way too long, we decided to pay for 4D scan at around 27 weeks….so….see you in 6 weeks my little princess 👑.


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