* 20 weeks *

I’m half way!!!! Hurray!!!!! I can’t believe how fast those 20 weeks past. 

Since 2 weeks now I had no morning sickness, which I’m really glad about, I’ll tell you, I got super smell! Especially in a morning when I get ready for work and I smell dogs poo(it’s my mothers in law dog which wee and poo in a kitchen like it’s her toilet),  I ran to the toilet or if I’m in a kitchen to the sink!! But those days are over(thankfully) and another pregnancy symptoms came up.

Back and round ligament pains. Unfortunately because I had an accident just before I became pregnant I knew that sooner than later my back will be an issue. They hurt, and I have to say my bump is not huge (yet) but is quite big (as for 20 weeks) and especially during the night when I sleep on my sides I wake up with massive back pain every day. When I walk too much or sit for too long my back reminds me of themselves.

Round ligament pains are awful as well! They can come suddenly and it’s a sharp, stabbing pain that can last all day. I had it for 4 days non stop and I was so worried I went to A&E and after 15 min I was out. They told me it’s normal and if I’m not bleeding or having severe pains it’s nothing to worry about.

First baby movements!!! Yes!!! I felt my baby girl first time around 18 weeks and at the beginning I did not think anything about it because it was more like a tickeling inside but at the moment I can feel my little girl kicking and moving! It’s a weird feeling, and when she moves a lot it makes me jump haha. I feel like I got an alien inside me and I still can’t get use to those kicks. Sometimes when I fell fine I forget I’m pregnant. All of the sudden I got more energy, I want to do more stuff and I feel great. But after 2 hours of being active i feel tired and all I want to do is rest haha.

So my baby girl is about 16.5cm from head to bottom I’m going to see her on Tuesday for my last but most important scan which is anomaly scan.

What is anomaly scan?

It checks that your baby is developing normally. It looks at your baby’s brain, heart, kidneys and digestive tract, and will also show the position of the placenta. It’s a screening test and u have to remember it cannot diagnose every problem.

You might be able to find out the sex of your baby(I did earlier-privately) but will double check on Tuesday.

I can’t wait to see my princess again. Have a lovely weekend and I will update you after my scan. 


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