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Baby Moon Tips 👶🏼🌕

As I promised I will share my experience regarding Baby Moon trip I had at 13 weeks pregnant. 

Like you see my bump is pretty impressive at 13 weeks but I can assure you it’s just constipation that I had for the whole trip!!!

Tip No. 1:

As you check in at the airport make sure to be seated by the aisle. This is very important because as your journey begin, after 30 min of sitting you will start to feel really uncomfortable. It is advised to walk and straight your legs every 30 min, and remember to put your compression stockings before taking off. This will prevent any blood clots development.

My experience: I was seated next to the window and for 4 HR of my journey I was in uncomfortable pain, feeling squashed and even asked an old lady to swap with me I was “kindly” refused. But on my way back I made sure I’m sitting in a right place and I could get up, walk and straight my poor back. 

Tip No. 2:

Always prepare yourself with snacks! As you’re waiting for your flight make sure to buy plenty of water and snacks. Staying hydrated is very important.


Ever wonder how all the good stuff in the prenatal vitamins and healthy foods you’re faithfully consuming every day are shipped to your fetus? It all starts with water, which helps your body absorb essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells. It’s those nutrient-rich blood cells that reach the placenta and ultimately your baby — all with the help of H2O.(source:

If it comes to snacks:

When you’re on a plane. You may be up in the air, but knowing where your next meal or snack is coming from shouldn’t be. Airline meal service is pretty much an oxymoron these days, with cost-cutting shearing complementary meals off most flights. Some airlines offer meals and snacks for purchase, but most options don’t stack up nutritionally. To play it safe, bring your own — and always pack more than you think you’ll need. Stash a selection of sustaining nonperishable snacks in your carry-on, from soy chips to walnuts and dried apricots to healthy granola bars. Then add a real meal (it’s a concept on an airplane!) in an insulated lunch bag, or just chill it with a disposable ice pack. Stay hydrated (particularly important in flight, plus drinking enough will ensure frequent trips to the bathroom, which will keep your circulation going). Raid the beverage cart for individual bottles of water, sparkling water, or juice — but be wary of drinking the water (even from the cart) if it isn’t sealed, since flight attendants may refill their pitchers or bottles from the tap in a pinch. Water from airline tanks can be swimming with bacteria (even if it’s heated for coffee or tea) and isn’t recommended for pregnant consumption.( source:

My experience: I did prepare, but not enought. After just one hour I ate all my food and drank my water and I was still hungry haha 😂.  I had no choice but to buy a blueberry muffin and pack of crisps.

Tip No. 3:

Always take more money than you think you will spend!!

After you land and get to your hotel-find out about food facilities. 

Apparently my hotel was listed as a **** star. Unfortunately food quality was **. As the dinner time came me and my husband were starving!!!! We went to the dining room and by our shock we discovered the worst hotel food we came across. It was so bad that my husband (who’s not fussy) couldn’t find anything to eat. We were scared, I was scared!!! I had to survive a week trying to eat as healthy as I could. Thankfully we took more money than we planned and it saved me from starvation.

We were located in a very touristic place full of supermarkets and restaurants. Every night we had a nice dinner (I even tried for the first time Indian food-my husband favourite food) and as I thought I didn’t like it 😋. 

Breakfast time was even more interesting because local supermarket knew me very well. I was buying fresh bread, vegetables, fruits and other things to prepare in a room. Our room was full of food and water.

Tip No. 4:

I don’t know how about you guys but I can call myself a sun ☀️ person. Since I was a little girl me and my family spend summer holidays all over Europe enjoying the sun. Sun makes me happy, I’ve never had a sunburn or problems sitting in a sun. My husband is a very pale person and he’s hiding from the sun as much as he can. On every holiday we’ve been together I was the one that could stand sitting in a sun for long time, you could find my husband hiding in a shade or complaining about hotness.

As it was our last holiday before our baby will come I had a huge expectations towards it. My husband told me that we will do whatever make me comfortable and happy. As you could see on a picture I am sitting in a sun in my bikini 👙. And that was the only time I’ve done that. 

By my suprise and disappointment I couldn’t sit in a sun ☀️!!!!! And when I say I couldn’t I mean even going for a walk in a sun was giving me a massive headache!!!! I didn’t understood or accept it, I was devastated by it. I literally had a headache every single day. I’ve spend a lot of time in our room having a naps because of exhaustion I had from the sun. My husband was over the moon!!! We were sitting in a shade all the time, I had to wear a hat and I will tell you one thing-I hate hats haha.

Please prepare yourself well. Just make sure you don’t get too hot and that you protect your skin with sunscreen. During pregnancy, your skin may be more sensitive and you may burn more easily in the sun. … This is because during pregnancy, you have higher levels of a hormone that makes your skin react to the sun by going darker.

Your hard-working pregnant body is more prone to overheating, and you may have noticed that you feel the heat more than usual. A rise in core body temperature, particularly in the developmentally critical first three months, has been linked in some studies to neural tube defects in babies such as Spin-Bifida.

More generally, a rise in body temperature prompts the body to cool itself down with increasing sweating and dilation of the veins, lowering your blood pressure and making it that much harder going for your heart: As it is your pregnant body has to make enough effort to pump all that extra blood around to your vital organs and your baby. If your blood pressure falls you’re more likely to feel dizzy and faint and may fall over and injure yourself, and what’s more the blood supply to the placenta may suffer. Overheating also raises the risk of you suffering from dehydration, bad news for both you and your baby.(source:
Tip No. 5

Pack as comfortable clothes as possible!

In a way it was a flop for me. In a matter of a week my belly grow bigger. All my trousers and skirts which I love became really uncomfortable to wear. Probably half of my suitcase wasn’t even touched haha. Thankfully I prepared for it very well. I took leggings and a lot of dresses that made me feel lighter and still pretty. So make sure you pack nice and uncomfortable things u think you might squeeze into but don’t forget about comfortable and loose clothing as well. If you don’t like your belly being squeezed like mine take more loose clothing like dresses. 

Tip No. 6:

Eat food full of fibre!!! As heat st the beginning of our holiday my appetite for sweet came along! Yes I know I shouldn’t eat any sweets but I couldn’t help it. So because of that I had a worst constipation ever! I think it lasted for about 3 days and it was painful. Thankfully I came to my senses and put the sweets down and ate plenty of fruits, vegetables and nuts. 

I still recommend Baby Moon holiday. Despite all the troubles we had I still enjoyed every single day and night with my husband and I am grateful to have such a patient and understanding husband next to me. Love you Mr. W with all my heart ❤️ 


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