*12 week* scan

So many things happened in the past weeks. Finally the 12th week scan came and as the first time it was exactly the same-I was scared. Thankfully everything was ok, baby was moving like crazy, and those tiny but long legs…I’ve seen all parts of my baby’s body and all measurements were excellent. I start to feel more pregnant now that I know everything is fine and baby is growing like crazy, but i have to admit-pregnancy is horrible,at least for me. im not glowing, im not looking fresh and nice. instead my face is full of spots, im constantly tired and i got the worst headaches ever!!!! yes, if u suffer from migranes or headaches before u get pregnat, u will definately get them during pregnancy but with double dose!( at least my morning sickness past). they start as small headaches and end up beeing the worst nightmares!! i developed tension headaches in a back of my head, sinus infection and migranes that last all day. im in trouble basically but im so happy and blessed!!
i just came back from my holiday which u can call a “baby moon”. but about tips regarding holidays while pregnant in my next post-and believe me-its interesting haha.


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