Hello my little miracle

The last few weeks has been really hard. Starting from constant nausea and vomiting to lack of appetite and really bad cramps. Then everything suddenly stopped for few days and my worry grew so bad I was convinced something is wrong. The day of my first scan was the most nerve wracking. Last time I had a scan 1,5 year ago didn’t went well (had missed miscarriage at 8,5 weeks) so when we got into the hospital I was so nervous I cried. Waiting for a scan in a waiting room was driving me crazy, I was prepared for the worst and we’ve been discussing options if something would go wrong. My name have been called and that was it. We went into the room, and I start to cry straight away. The lady asked me if everything all right and my husband had to explain the whole situation and how stressed we are. She calmed me down and asked to lay down. She squeezed a gel and moved a hand-held device (transducer) over my tummy to pick up images of our little bean. At the beggining it didn’t look right. As again I had a feeling of deja vu. Baby was looking exactly the same as last time. When I asked is it normal for a baby to face upside down and she told me if the baby if comfortable that way-then it will put itself in that position. 

And then, the most amazing picture of all… I saw my babys heart beat!!!!! Strong and clear, the sounds was amazing!!!! We were crying like crazy!!!! This was the best moment of my life knowing that everything is ok! She measured the baby and told us I am 9 weeks plus 6 days. Because my first day of cycle was 14th of August I suppose to be 13 weeks by now, but because I ovulated really late it’s 3 weeks delay. 

So…everyone…welcome my little miracle!!!!


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