* 7 weeks *

7 weeks already !!! Can’t believe how fast it past. I’m so happy and grateful for this little miracle of mine. 

As 7 weeks kicked in my symptoms knocked to my door as well! And I have to say I enjoy them as much as I can! I prefer to get symptoms than had none. Speaking of which…

Nausea. This one is my best friend at the moment. When I wake up, and as soon as I take my tablet I feel nausea. Whatever I’ll eat brings that feeling in my stomach and throat. 

Tiredness. Extremely tired. Can’t walk about for too long coz it makes me extra tired, urge for a nap( and I’m not a type of a person to have a naps). Constant need to stay in bed and just rest hahaha.

Water aversion. I don’t know what it is, but I drink a lot of water and lately it doesn’t taste nice at all. It gives me aftertaste that is unpleasant?!?!? I would love to hear some tips or ideas of how to help with that.

Cramping. Yes, still. But not period type. Those ones are more stretchy feeling and bit stabbing.

Lower back pain. I got it a while now and it comes and goes so I’m not worried. I actually think it might be a cause of lying on the bed too much haha.

I would love to hear all the symptoms of future mums-to-be.


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