Prenatal vitamins

As we all know, as soon as we start trying for a baby we need to take care of our bodies. Not only eat healthy and balanced diet, but as well take vitamins and minerals. 

Before I found out I was pregnant all I took was folic acid and vitamin d3. Because there’s not enought sun in Great Britain I was taking 4000lU a day. As soon as I found out about my pregnancy I had a massive dillema regarding vitamins and minerals to take. I found a perfect one for me but I will list all available ones in UK that I tried and comment about their pluses and minuses. 


So this is the most popular supplement for pregnant women in UK. It start with PREGNACARE CONCEPTION, ORIGINAL, and even LIQUID. 

At my first pregnancy I was taking PREGNACARE PLUS OMEGA-3, and to be honest i didn’t like it. First thing-really big tablets, hard to swallow for me and aftertaste……. Yuk!!!! I had to eat something after coz it was making me sick. If it comes to Omega-3 capsules they were smaller and there was no aftertaste or fishy taste. So I would score it 6/10.

Price: £13.25

I first jumped into this one in Organic Store. As it say on a label: 

Viridian Pregnancy Complex provides support during pregnancy and breastfeeding when larger amounts of nutrients are required for growth and metabolism of maternal and foetal tissues and for storage in the baby. Regardless of the dietary intake, the enormous metabolic adjustments for nutrient utilisation support the use of additional supplements. U suppose to take two capsules a day.

The only problem I had with those vitamins was a smell. Unfortunately i don’t like any sort of tablets and for me to take something that doesn’t smell pleasant is a no no. My score 7/10. 

Price: £14.90

This one is another popular supplement in UK. It is very cheap as well, and that is a problem for me. In general I think that cheap vitamins won’t be as good as vitamins that cost more and they got not enought ingredients that provide even less. Score 5/10.

Price: £4.99


This company is one of my favourite if it comes to any sort of vitamins or minerals. As I said before I got pregnant I was taking Vitamin D3 and folic acid from this company. I think it is a good company from U.S.A and some of the things are priced high and some really low.

Minus with this one is ingredients. For me there need to be a certain amount of nutritions so I don’t have to take more than one type of supplement to balance it. My score 8/10.

Price: £6.49.


This is the one I’m actually using at the moment. It contain everything I need with the right amount. Vitamin d3 1000lU, folic acid 400ug, Iodine 150ug and many, many more. One capsule to be taken three times a day with a meal and that’s it. I am really happy with this one, it’s especially design for Weeks 0-12 of pregnancy and then u move to step 2 and 3. It is expensive but in my opinion if you prefer to spend less, but take more I don’t think it is good for you and your stomach. This one helps with constipation as well.  One packet last for a month.My score is 10/10.


So what is your favourite prenatal vitamins? 


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