* 5 weeks *

So yes…exactly 5 weeks and 4 days. This picture show my bloated belly, and I have to say during the day it’s getting really bloated.

What about the symptoms? This is a very interesting question. As soon as I found out I had one morning with nausea, but apart from that I got no morning sickness. Maybe it will come with time, but I can call myself lucky for now. There’s a few symptoms I can tell I got. 

Sleepless nights which are really annoying. Waking up at night after a weird dream and can’t get back to sleep, last night my husband told me I took my phone, light up a lamp and was looking at the wall saying:no no no. Hahahahah(can’t remember a thing).

Frequent urination. Yes, because my mouth are really dry, especially at work, I’m drinking more than a 2 litres of water which I suppose is a cause of frequent visits in a toilet. 

Dry mouth -as I said, really dry mouth, but was reading every woman is different and some can have dry and some can have excessive saliva. 

Cramps- yes. This pregnancy is definitely  cramps, cramps and cramps! Period like cramps during the day and stronger at night that wakes me up. Definitely something new for me. My previous pregnancy was cramp free so I think this is a good sign.

Mood swings? All I can say is emotional! Not often, but easy and quick breakdowns, crying to silly adverts and laughing a lot.

Sore breasts-this one is a funny one. When I sleep my breasts are sore, when I wake up they seem OK, but as day pass they become more sore?!? Don’t know what to think about that. 

Bloating!!!! Yes, this is my biggest issue. My belly is really bloated. I don’t know if it’s normal or it might be due to constipation, but it’s really bloated, especially in midday.

Dry scalp!! This one is really tricky. As I always had a problem with dry scalp I didn’t really bothered with it, but I’ve read it might be cause of dehydration as well as dry mouth. Well to be fair before pregnancy I wasn’t a water lover. I use to drink a coffee, tea and little bit of water. But nowad I know I’m pregnant drinking water is my priority! Like I said 2 litres of water is minimum and I still got dry mouth and scalp. Maybe it will ease in time. Will update on that.

Acne– unfortunately this is my biggest nightmare. I’ve always had an issue with my skin (acne, red patches and blackheads), but now its getting more and more each day. I’ve read that if you are prone to acne before pregnancy, you will definitely get thrm during first trimester. And as I said, each day I’m waking up with new annoying pimples and spots.


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