Why not?

There’s a lot of speculations regarding the right time of announcing your pregnancy. I know I should be waiting till those”safe 12 weeks” and then tell the whole world, but why not? Why I can’t do it now? If you read my previous post u know  I was struggling to conceive.

I know there’s about 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies that end in miscarriage, and more than 80 percent of these losses happen before 12 weeks. 

But is this not enought stress? Not only u think about those days as a one big worry, u can’t really tell anyone how u feel and what u think? 

I have done it last time. When I found out I was pregnant I’ve never told anyone. My work was unaware. My colleagues and manager had no clue apart from one person which adviced me not to tell and I didn’t, and I regret till now. Unfortunately my job include heavy lifting (for me) and by not saying anything my duties were the same as everyone else’s. I was in a huge stress. Many times I was telling myself to tell, but when I went to my GP and inform about my pregnancy and work she told me it’s ok until I  lift things with my knees not back. I didn’t agree with her. I knew if my weight is 50kg and I’m lifting things which weigh 20kg i can’t be ok for me. 

I remember going to OH and telling about my pregnancy. She booked appointment for next week and unfortunately that time my grandmother died (R.I.P). 

I’m not telling you to shout out loud about your pregnancy if you don’t want to, but if you have a situation like me, work that need to be informed straight away-don’t hesitate. Don’t listen to people with “good advises”. Do what your instinct telling you. And that’s what I’ve done now. I’m so happy that as soon I found out I informed them. They are very understanding, they know my infertility issue and previous misscariage and I have to say-I’m so calm and relaxed. At least this is one of the things I don’t have to worry about.


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