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I want to let it all out of my chest, explain my long journey so women who struggle with the same situation can relax, understand and believe that it is possible. Because stress won’t help you with anything.

First thing first…my story of conception. It wasn’t happy or enjoyable. I’m 30 at the moment, but my journey goes back 3 years. In brief my fertility was a massive issue. Trying all sort of ways to boost my fertility, starting from food, exercise, lifestyle, acupuncture and even cosmetics I used, all for nothing.
1,5 year ago I feel pregnant. My cycles were always irregular and at the time I feel pregnant my ovulation occurred  in my 30+cd. It was the best day of my life. After attending Fertility Clinic that told me I got endometriosis and need a surgery my hopes were pretty weak. I remember that cycle I had really strange symptoms, unusual for me. I had a nipple infection(which occurs mostly after giving birth) my gums were bleeding awfully, and my eyelids were swollen. I was really careful with myself. Unfortunately I did not inform my work about it( I’ve listened to my colleagues) and my work include heavy lifting and long hours. I was really stressed. On top of that I had a car accident where a woman with a huge impact hit in a back of my car, and the most traumatic thing that happened-my lovely grandmother past away. I think it was the biggest trauma I had and unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage. I’ve lost two loved ones in the same week. My grandma died on Monday and I had a miscarriage on Wednesday. But because it was missed miscarriage I still had symptoms and no idea what happened. Week later I went for my private scan and as soon as I’ve seen the screen I knew. As every woman who experienced this you can imagine I was devastated. I had to go hospital and decide between D&C or pills. Because it took so long I decided for D&C. It was quick and afterwards I recovered fast.

But i had a depression for a long time. I didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere, spend time with my husband. I knew it will be hard for us to fell pregnant again, I thought it was the only time I had a chance. My stress levels were really high. I was obsessed with baby making. But told myself it will be ok, I need to relax and stop thinking about it 24/7.

I had a D&C in February 2015. After that my cycles were very irregular ( 45,50,40) so as you can see our chances were weak. I knew I’m not ovulating every cycle and I knew if I did, it was very late.

I went to a private gynaecologist in January 2016. Me and my husband decided that no matter the costs we have to get to the bottom of this.

The doctor asked me to do all sort of blood tests.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone(TSH) *4.720 mIU/L

Free thyroxine(fT4) 16.0 pmdl/L

Luteinizing hormone(LH) 9.3 mIU/mL

Follicle stimulating hormone(FSH) 6.58mIU/mL

Prolactin (PRL) 0′      15.22ng/mL

Prolactin (PRL) 60′    470.00 ng/mL

As you can see my TSH was very high which indicate to HYPOTHYROIDISM .

But to my surprise my gynaecologist prescribed me progesterone called Cyclogest 200mg pessaries from 18th day of the cycle. Because I had irregular periods she advised me to regulate them first and then work on my ovulation.

So…after 3 months of regular cycles and inserting Cyclogest I still had no ovulation. Every month I had a scan and she could clearly see my follicles growing but ovulation never occurred. After those 3 months she prescribed me another hormon called Progesteroneand those were called Parlodel 5mg Capsules to take one at night. She of course warned me about side effects and I have to say…I had all of them but double. Vomiting, dizziness, nausea, lost of appetite, you name it.

I had enought. I knew she will not help me in anyway and she’s doing it from the wrong side.

I went to a different gynaecologist. I showed her my blood results, tablets I’m taking and straight away she told me to stop taking Cyclogest and Parlodel!!!! She told me that old generation gynaecologists think that progesterone is to blame for infertility when it’s not. Instead she prescribed me Levothyroxine  50 micrograms which is for hypothyroidism. She also prescribed me Letrozole 2.5mg tablets for ovulation but I’ve never bought them.

First month taking it I had 35cd. The next cycle was really long (55cd) and that’s when AGAIN I lost my hope. I went to her for a visit and a scan and I was in my 37th cycle day. And by her surprise she told me that I ovulated less that a week ago.

The picture in a middle indicate left ovary with follicle 14,2mm and the pod free of fluid. So again my ovulation was in my 30+. Then she gave me a peace of paper to write down everything she’s telling me.

In 2 weeks do a pregnancy test,

If you come on your period u will take:

Letrozole 1 tablet from 3 day of your cycle for 5 days.

Call and book an appointment between 12-13 day of cycle for a scan and injection of Pregnal (keep it in a fridge).

So…as I was told…I waited. Not two weeks because my appointment was on 19/09/2016 and I’ve done my test on 01/10/2016. And guess what?!?!?

My husband and myself are so happy! I couldn’t believe what i saw. I’ve done the test at 5 o’clock in a morning before work and I was rushing so I took the test with me, and when we got out from the house I looked at it and there it was PREGNANT.

I was getting ready for hormonal therapy to boost my ovulation and I fall pregnant after 4 months on Levothyroxine, naturally.

After all that time reading unbelievable stories of women falling pregnant my hopes came true as well. And if I can do it, every woman can.


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